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Rally with the Goatheads in Santa Fe!

April 4/17–19, 2020
Santa Fe, NM
Register here

Yacht Club presents: Maxi-chan; my girlfriend is a Puch Maxi who came stock with big ol anime boobs and a 14 bing!

Zeros Swap At The SHAp Registration!

Let us know your coming! We need to order the appropriate amount of food and shirts!

EDIT: We already bought 420 cans of Costco beer, so the bar is set people

Marry Christmas from the Crypt Keepers

Merry Chrismahanakwanzika from COTL

Four new Moped Army branches!

I’m excited to share that we have four new Moped Army branches! Please welcome LSLB (Boston, MA), MOPITT (Pittsburgh, PA), Shanks (Austin, TX), and Spicy Boys (Kansas City, MO) as official branches of the Moped Army.

I’ll be working with each of these clubs to get their info on the website over the next couple of weeks. I wish I could just flip a switch, but it takes a while to make all the necessary changes. In the meantime, please reach out to congratulate and welcome them. I’m excited that we’ve had so much growth recently (9 new branches in the last 3 years!) and look forward to the positive influence these clubs will have on the Moped Army. Congrats everyone!

ZFYB: Swap at the SHAp

January 31 - February 2

Join the Zeros for our yearly winter swap meet!

We'll be opening our shop to any and everyone, our shop is heated with lots of floor space so come stay for the weekend!

Bring your goods to buy/sell/trade!

The Super Bowl will be on if thats your deal?

More importantly THE GREAT TACO CHALLENGE will be going down during halftime, select the 2 hungriest members of your crew to go head to head against the greatest taco eaters of all time, eat for honor, maybe prizes? and a first shot at the shop bathroom post game!

CBBG 10: Back To The Basics

Facebook Event

The TENTH Annual Moped Community Build and Gather (CBBG) will be held the weekend of December 11th through the 16th, 2019 at Quarterkick in Kalamazoo, MI.

Join people from all over the country as they come to sandblast, powdercoat, weld, rebuild engines and build up bikes.

There is a $20 door fee that covers all supplies for welding, heat, electricity, blasting media, over 20 free colors of powder for powder coating, as well as a shirt and one raffle ticket. There will be a rare moped raffled off as well as many performance parts and other moped and non moped related items.

This event is open to the entire moped community world wide. Build engines, build mopeds, build friendships, but building walls is discouraged. Chad will accommodate as many people as possible both at his home or at the shop, or choose one of the several hotels near the shop.

This year will feature a rebuilt and powdercoated Puch Cobra Tri-rad three wheeler moped, as the raffle bike.

Feel free to invite anyone to join us!

Pre-register here!


Pre-register for MOPITT Yinzfest, 9/13–15

$15 pre-registration ends Monday 9/9, $20 to register at the rally. PayPal to mopittmpc@gmail.com and make sure you include your shirt size in the comments.
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See you in Pittsburgh.

Battlefield Breakdown 2019: a Wizards Moped Rally

Gettysburg, PA
October 4–6, 2019
Pre register before Sep 20th to get a little rally pack full of black magic and love.