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Moped Rally Archive

The events page lists upcoming moped rallies but there hasn't been a good archive of all past events, until now. I've created a new page on Moped Wiki that lists all known moped rallies. There are over 380 events to start, which is pretty good, but I know I'm missing some. Since it's on the wiki, anyone can edit it! Please add missing rallies in chronological order, following the existing format. Please also create wiki links/pages for any individual rally in order to provide more info (dates, events, photos, etcetera). The naming is a bit inconsistent on some of these, so if you hosted the rally please edit the names to match what the event was actually called.

WIKI UPDATE: visual editor, new mobile layout, PDF improvements

A major new update to Moped Wiki is now live! New features include a visual editor, improved image handling with drag-to-resize, full PDF support, and an optimized mobile layout. You can read about these changes in more detail in the forum post announcing the launch.

Moped Wiki temporarily in read only mode

The Moped Wiki is temporarily in read only mode while I work on a major update. Editing will remain disabled until I launch this update, which will include a much improved visual editor. I'm in the final stages of the work now, and hope to launch it sometime in February 2021. Sorry for an inconvenience this may cause, but this new editor is going to be worth it. For a preview of the visual editor and additional updates please follow this thread in the forum.

CBBG 11: Major Chad to Ground Control REGISTER REGISTER REGISTER

CBBG is coming up this weekend! Click the link to register, help support a wonderful business/moped rider/friend!

You could win this amazing rebuilt and powder coated Rizzato!

Really Great Moped Person Needs Our Help

Eric Brunner, cofounder and President of LGN, needs the support of the community right now! He has been diagnosed with ALS. Please consider donating whatever you can to help him, his son, and his wife. This man has been an instrumental part of the moped scene in Philly and has given so much! Go to the Gofundme page.

Two new Moped Army branches!

I’m excited to share that we have two new official branches! Please welcome Graveyard Shifters (Maryland) and Wizards (Lancaster, PA) as official branches of the Moped Army. Both of these clubs have been around for a while now and will be great additions to the Moped Army.

Please welcome them — congrats everyone!

CBBG 11: Major Chad to Ground Control

Really excited that this marks the ELEVENTH Annual Moped Community Build and Gather (CBBG) will be held the weekend of December 11th through the 13th, 2020 at broadcast from Quarterkick in Kalamazoo, MI.

This has been a challenging year for all of us. It pains me to not be able to host you all in my shop and provide knowledge and access to equipment many don't have in the daily. I've chosen an online format this year to help keep everyone safe. I'll add pins to the map of ask virtual attendees this year in a special designated color. This event helps me make improvements and sustain costs incurred by having a shop this large.

The donations received greatly help in promoting and encouraging attendance every year and at greatly appreciated.

People from all over the country will congregate online as they come to show off their personal Bilson spaces and shops with sandblast, powdercoat, welding, rebuild engines and build up bikes.

There will be shirts, pins, and one raffle ticket with registration. There will be a rare moped raffled off as well as many performance parts and other moped and non moped related items. All purchases will be shipped to registered address. Raffle prizes will be shipped to winners or codes for prizes will be emailed depending on what is won.

This event is open to the entire moped community world wide. Build engines, build mopeds, build friendships, but building walls is discouraged unless they are for your build space. Chad will do his best to accommodate as many people as possible virtually at the shop.

This year's event I'll be raffling off a rare completely rebuilt and powdercoated Rizzato Atala Master 50 moped.

Feel free to invite anyone to join us!