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All rallies cancelled until at least June

I'm sure you've noticed that rallies are being cancelled one-by-one over the last month. Due to the dangers caused by the Coronavirus pandemic we are cancelling all official Moped Army gatherings until at least June. We will revisit the situation at that time, but honestly it's hard to say when it will be safe. Whether you are part of an official club or not, if you are planning a moped event we highly encourage you to postpone until later this year.

Moped rallies are a ton of fun — the lifeblood of this community — but we all need to focus on the safety of friends and family. This is an unprecedented global health emergency and social distancing is our primary weapon against this virus. Let's use this time to wrench on our own. I can't wait to see all the sweet quarantine builds once we can get together again.

CryptKeepers rally postponed

The CryptKeepers have decided to postpone their rally by a year. It will now be held Jul 2–Jul 4, 2021 in Goshen, IN and is called "Survival of the Kittest."

Swoops rally postponed

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the Swoops rally, previously scheduled for April 24th, has been postponed. See this thread for more detail. Stay safe everyone.

Rally cancellation: Oh Dear, It’s The Cobblestones!

FYI: the Oh Dear, It’s The Cobblestones! rally in Savannah, Georgia (3/20–22) has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus virus outbreak.

MadBraaapers MPC Rally

The MadBrappers are planning a weekend camping rally August 21–23, 2020 in Coplay, PA. Questions? Get in touch with club captain Adam Moyer.

RnC 2020 has been cancelled

Head up everyone: the Rebel Rousers Ride and Chatter 2020 (which was scheduled for April 4th in Richmond, VA) has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Stay safe everyone and keep washing your hands.

Acadia Weekend Canceled but Boston Rally Still On

We regret to inform the public that due to the recent outbreak of Covid-420, we have been forced to cancel our annual Acadia Weekend.

Fortunately, our rally, which is titled "Go Ahead, Call the Cops" has been diagnosed with Sosick-69 and will continue as planned from June 4th-7th.

Rally with the Goatheads in Santa Fe!

April 4/17–19, 2020
Santa Fe, NM
Register here

UPDATE: This rally has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Yacht Club presents: Maxi-chan; my girlfriend is a Puch Maxi who came stock with big ol anime boobs and a 14 bing!

Zeros Swap At The SHAp Registration!

Let us know your coming! We need to order the appropriate amount of food and shirts!

EDIT: We already bought 420 cans of Costco beer, so the bar is set people