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Jonathan Lee

Detroit, MI

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  • 2003 Tomos Sprint
  • 1979 Batavus Starflite
Prospect forever. Nvr Chase (sometimes chase).

-MCR: You Probably Won’t Get Murdered IV
-Zeros: Wrong Rally Fuckface 3
-KFC: Sieze and Desist
-Smogorama 2018
-Gromicon Mega Rally 2018

-I Built It Myself VI VI VI: To Hell and Back
-You Probably Won't Get Murdered: Lyfe Support
-The unOHfficials 'no pressure' Rally
-DCONS present: Run of the Mill 2
-Los Marranos present: Horcus Porcus
-Puddle Cutters: National Rally
-Yinzfest: Friday the 13.13...It's a Vespa Joke
-The Cranks Present: Don't Eat the Brownies (going)
-QCB 69th Annual Family Pig Pickin Approximately 420 Minutes Long
-Battlefield Breakdown (maaaaybeh)
-CBBG (goin)
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