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MMP: The Safety Meeting (2010)
BLKBLK: BLK to the future (2011)
IRE Rally (2011)
KC Get Your Dick Sucked (2011)
MMP: Get Moist (2011)
DeadPeds: R.I.P. Your Face Off (2012)
BLKBLK: Bob Or Die (2012)
Trifecta Rally (2012)
MMP: Stay Wet (2012)
Ruffians: Locked Up In The Lou (2013)
MMP Rally, I forgot the name (2013)
Ruffians: Locked Up In The Lou II aka Life Behind Bars (2014)
Cream City Cranks/Milwaukee Brewkakke: Sausagefest (2014)
Blood Drive 9: International Rally (2014)
Pinball Run 2: The Adventures of Tomos Sawyer (2014)
MONO: All Mono's Eve (2014)
Whiskey Business 8: The Final Frontier (2015)
Swoops Breakdown and Die V: Get Rich Or Ride On Lean (2015)
Ghost Ride 10mm (2015)
MONO: Blow Up, Throw up! (2015)
MONO: Blast Of The Rougarou (2016)
Ruffians (2017)
SMONO: Nothing Is Real (2017)
MONO: Razzle Dazzle (2018)
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