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Kyle Rawlinson


Pittsburgh, PA

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  • 1981 Sears Free Spirit
  • 1979 Puch Maxi
  • 1982 Murray 8415
  • 1978 JCPenney Pinto 2
When I'm not at work, I'm wrenching, riding, or drinking beers at the pub. When we are on location and the weather's tolerable, I ride my reliable JCP Pinto2 and through set. E50 with the 70 aerosol kit, got that stuff race crank, stock 2 shoe clutch, a modist bing15 carb, and the circuit pipe. Quell the criticisms and come blast with me up the hills, through the hollows, and over all three Rivers. Officially patched into Mopitt on 9/14/2019.
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