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Brian F


Ann Arbor, MI

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  • 1978 Vespa Bravo Super Deluxe
  • 1978 Vespa Bravo
  • Tomos A3SP
  • 1980 Tomos A-3 Bullet
  • 1980 Puch Newport II
  • 1977 Puch Maxi S
  • 1980 Puch Magnum MK II
  • 1978 Peugeot 103
  • 1977 Peugeot 103
  • 1980 Jawa 207
  • 1978 General 5 Star
  • 1976 Garelli Eureka Flex
  • 1980 Batavus Starflite
Mosquito Fleet member #43, active from 2004-2009. Got back into mopeds in 2020 after surviving a bout of COVID-19. Currently a prospect for the Zeros.

Now living in Ann Arbor, MI. We've moved around a lot.

Blood Drive III, IV, V (2005-2007)
CBBG11 (2020)

The dumb single speed 103 LSU1 has been upgraded with MOAR VARIATOR and other fancy parts. It lives again! Vive la résistance! Oh wait, now there's a second one.

The Magnum MK II runs! Complete za50 rebuild + kit done, with lots of grinding.

The Maxi lives and flies . Bright headlight is bright, completely custom wiring harness is rad; so many zip ties. New axles and buttery smooth sealed bearings, yeah! Puch polini + estoril + vm20 is kinda scary.

The orange Bravo Super Deluxe is far too nice of a bike for me. Help, I need an adult.

The red Bravo has been cut asunder, and rebuilding commences! Winter project #1

The Garelli is a rust heap extraordinaire. Winter project #2

The Tomos literally has a die instead of an axle nut. Wut. Winter project #3 - LOL tomos

The Newport is rebuilt and slowly getting derusted. Why do I keep buying seized mopeds.

The General actually turns over. Wut.

The mystery Tomos is an A3 motor on an undated A35 frame!

Batavus? Slowavus, but still rad.

Jawa? Let's see just how dumb we can make this.
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