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  • 1994 Tomos Targa LX
  • 1994 Tomos Targa
  • 1978 Puch
found my first bike in a barn, Don't buy a white bike. Don't put white walls on it.
ground up rebuild on the second one. you've probably seen it by now.
built the third one out of the garbage.
my team rode a moped from Brooklyn to LA. that was cool. Then we did Detroit to Boston.
Upjet never lose.

2012: Kzoo.
2013: No-no's, Salute Yr Ports 1. NoNos/MCR Cider Mill Ride
2014: MCR, No-No's, HNRZ, MONO. MCR Zombie Ride, Cider Mill Ride, Downriver Ride, Ferndale Ride
2015: No-No's, Dayton, Nasty Action, MCR, GRGR. Downriver Ride, Zeros/DAM fam Camp and Ride
2016: DD Lexington, BC Waddystock, Dayton, No-No's, FP 4th of July ride, Zeros, LGN, MCR, Swoops, HnRz, GRGR, KMR, MONO.
2017: Ride and Chatter, Lexington, MA20, St Louis, BAKER'S DOZEN// Austin, LGN, Brooklyn (upjet/lslb/d30), Zeros, KMR, MONO, CBBG
2018: ZFYB, Ride and Chatter, BAKER'S DOZEN YR2, Moped Shop Rally - West Milton Oh, Philly/LGN, Pentagrom
2019: Lanc Invitational, Ride and Chat, Acadia, Upjet, LGN, Baker's Dozen Camp Lobstermeat

Will rally anywhere, if i get enough notice.
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