In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~tim~ Adametz /

The NJDMV put a stop to people registering ANY Jialing/NP moped/motorcycle. If you buy one, you CAN'T register it here. I got mine through about 3 days before the system update went through. Damn this stupid ghetto state.

Well, DonP, you're prob'ly laughing your ass off now.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MopedLar just got it changed back... look at his post on the moped2 forums:"I spent the entire day (8:00AM-4:30PM) attempting to title/register my Jialing with the NJ DMV. I was either physically at the local DMV office or on the phone with the NJ DMV titling bureau in Trenton. All I can say is that my experience was a freakin' nightmare. I don't wish it on my worst enemy.

Of course when I try to register my Jialing, the NJ DMV has already placed a stop on all Jialing titles. They said that the China Jialing Company was not registered with NHTSA/DOT (the feds) and that my bike was "illegal". I drove 25 miles back home and called Sigfried and told him what the NJ DMV told me. He said the bike was DOT approved and faxed me a letter from NHTSA to the President of Jialing stating that the company was registered with NHTSA. I then took the letter down to the DMV and they still would not title my bike because they do not have the authority to remove a "stop". They said that the issue had to be resolved in Trenton. They then sent me packing with a phone number to call in Trenton. I drove all the way home and called the number. Of course the person who is in charge of that Department was out today, so I asked to speak with the second in command. She told me to fax a copy of the letter to her so she could review the issue. About 3 hours later she called me to tell me that the "stop" had been removed and that I could now title/register the bike.

I then drove back to the DMV office and told them that the "stop" has been removed and that their computer system will reflect that. That wasn't good enough for the bitch behind the counter. She confirmed that the stop had ben lifted but was now questioning whether the bike was a valid moped because a lot of people have tried titling bikes from China that were not technically mopeds. She then proceeded to make phone calls to about 10 different people in the DMV. That's when I completely lost it. Now I can truely understand why people go "postal" in government agencies. I went up to the Supervisor and unloaded all my frustrations on the poor bastard. I spent the next 30 minutes watching the two of them discussing the situation and placing more phone calls. At 4:30, the Supervisor told me that the title would go through.

All the blood letting that I did today will allow future NJ Jialing owners to title their bikes with the NJ DMV and not go through the nighmare that I experienced today."

the stop is no longer good, so it should be able to be registered now...


Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Pflueger /

no, i actually feel bad for you guys that are trying to pass off a motorcycle as a moped. they lifted the stop, but it will be put back on. that is the jailing motorcycle company, not jailing moped company. its just a matter of time.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I can't muster up too much sympathy for you guys on this. If it works, great. But, if it doesn't I don't see getting _too_ indignant about it because you _are_ trying to get over on the state regarding your _motorcycle_. If they catch it, well, sucks for you. My .02

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe if you two actually knew why the hold was put on you wouldnt sound so ignorant. It was not because people were trying to register them as motorcycles, it was because they thought they were not NHTSA/DOT approved.

mopedlar got the hold reversed by getting the president of Jailing USA to fax a confirmation of thier NHTSA/DOT status to the new jersey DOT department in trenton.

stop making assumtions about people and bikes too. Maybe you will learn a little more about both if you do.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Pflueger /

who's making assumptions about people?

seems to me that was you. i know that they were held up for not being nhtsa or dot approved. but the simple fact is that everyone is trying to pass off a motorcycle as a moped. maybe i can register my 72 honda ct70 as a moped? what about my kids suzuki jr 50? after all, it is a 50cc engine, which is the only thing the jailing has in common with a moped. these bikes are definetly motorcycles. see what i'm getting at? these bikes were imported, and sold, before they met federal requirements. and now the government is catching on.

oh, and larry didnt get the president of jailing USA to fax anything, the bike shop larry bought the bike from faxed him a copy of a letter from nhtsa to the president of the jailing company that he (larry) took to the dmv as proof of dot and nhtsa approval.

"I drove 25 miles back home and called Sigfried and told him what the NJ DMV told me. He said the bike was DOT approved and faxed me a letter from NHTSA to the President of Jialing stating that the company was registered with NHTSA."

start a business and learn about people and bikes, ive already done that.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally? Wow, man, that stinks. I do find it funny, but sad too--- at first I thought you just needed a motorcycle tag--- and cert. but you can't even tag one at all? I think that's illegal somehow-- like Jailing has every right to sell a small MC and I've got every right to buy one.

I want a Derbi Senda-R, very hot 50cc bike. I would get my MC cert if I had to, it's cool. Plus, if it keeps selling I'd like to get a stella and @ 150cc you'd need a motorcycle plate. (150cc two stroke, how hot is that?? too hot for california!!)

I would gladly get a MC stamp in order to ride super-powerful 50cc's but to make it illegal period is simply awful.

it is times like this that makes you glad there are grass roots moped sites to connect everyone. Maybe this is a temporary thing until they get their heads out of their rear and figure out what to tag the thing as.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ignorant? Making assumptions? Kinda quick on the trigger there, aren't you?

There was nothing in my post that warranted being referred to as ignorant. Is it ignorant to voice an opinion?

My only point was to say that, if someone is trying to circumvent the "rules" of their local DMV by sneaking a bike past and getting it registered as a moped when it, by even their own definition, is not a moped, then they shouldn't be too upset if it doesn't pan out for them. Hey, it's worth a shot and if it works, that's great (as I said in my "ignorant" post).

The problem of whether or not they are NHTSA/DOT approved is a whole different issue. One that I was not addressing when I was being "ignorant".

Loosen up.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rant on, but tagging any non-moped over-powered 50cc is cool

70cc's, too many HP-- tag 'em while you can.

and so what if you do need a MC license? go get one.

One of my mopeds has no pedals but will go only high 20's (qt-50) my kitted puch (1979w/pedals) is NOT a moped but it will go high 30's perhaps more.

finally, my super-9 scooter (which goes ver' fast) is a moped that happens to have a scooter design and no pedals.

If I had a manually geared 50cc tagged as a moped I'd be bragging about that too.

there are moped purists and small bike fanatics. I'm the latter-- tho my favorites happen to be old, kitted and customized mopeds (with pedals).

It is cool to trick the government. After all, they tricked us. I'm sneaky about a revved up 50cc, they're sneaky about an oil war.

Ironic that I'm sneaky and using less gas.

(P.S. way to go on getting the jailing issue cleared. i'm still wondering the final outcome, I may have misunderstood-- _is the NP currently classed as a moped or a motorcycle in New Jersey_?)

NP looks like a moped.

BTW, Tim, I know the NP isn't a true moped but it's got more "moped" in it than some of the top tanks that look more like cafe' racers.

it LOOKS like a moped, geared or not. A revival doesn't even look like a moped-- neither do a lot of TTLX's.

At least your chinese geared motorcycle LOOKS like a moped. It looks more like a moped than the revival or the mad ass.

The derbi Senda is 50cc but it looks like a 125 enduro. nothing at all 'moped' about that.

Didn't one of the guys get an unmodded (highly tuned) PA to do mid-40's? hmmm. That's gotta be pushing more than 2 hoss.

Re: NP looks like a moped. were mopeds FIRST,remember? The step-thru came along to make it nicer for girls and old men.LOL!

Saying th Jialing has more moped in it than a Puch MKII or a Sebring is inane,Wayne! Hey?.....THAT rhymes!

And if I wanna race down to the Cafe, what's the problem wid dat? LOL! don-ohio (;^)

It isn't a moped

Michael Miehle /

Define a MOPED

In New Jersey, a motorized bicycle, or MOPED, is defined by law as a pedal bicycle with a helper motor that has a maximum piston displacement of less than 50 cubic centimeters, or no more than 1.5 brake horsepower, and is capable of a maximum speed of no more than 25 miles per hour on a flat surface. Motorized tricycles are not legal in New Jersey and cannot be operated on public roadways.

This is directly out of the NJ driving manual. I have heard these bikes do 45. If you work on your Moped and get it up to speeds greater than 25 miles per hour it is not a moped if is a motorcycle. Quit trying to skirt around the rules and regs. You a sugjesting an idea as ludicrus as puting pedals on a honda goldwing to register as a moped. Your breaking the law and you are giving a bad name to the hobby.

Re: NP looks like a moped.


At least tim's bike is a 50cc.


Too funny, couldn't resist. Good to hear from you. Trolling? Man, I re-read those posts-- more like a weekend fishing expedition!! Lol, gotta stir up the bees.

I knew the 'don's' were in cahoots. I don't stand a chance on this one.


Re: NP looks like a moped.

Perry Manessis /

Hey guys, don't feel to bad. It took me 4 tries to register my wife's new Qingqi B2 (even thought it is certified in New York). First the MSO wasn't the correct one with the Transfer Section. Second the Transfer section wasn't signed and notarized. Third the MSO didn't have the top speed on it. The fourth time I finally got a nice old lady that breezed through it. So don't cry, cause most states aren't half as bad as New York. So many requirements to register something that doesn't go over 30MPH when people are registering GSXrs and Nijas easier and the go over 150MPH. There is something wrong with state employees that abuse their power.

Re: NP looks like a moped.

Yeah....Gadget Man! I knew you were baiting me.LOL!

Well,wish me well as I venture out on an untested bike into the great Lakes region!

I'm pretty apprehensive, but DonP has calmed my tensions somewhat. Won't be posting much for a coupla days anyway. don-ohio (:^D

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for making the bike totaly illegal and registerable, it is perfectly fine, and not a bad thing at all. Jialing DOES NOT have the RIGHT to sell motorcycles for road use UNLESS they are approved by the US DOT and the NHSTA, the question here is whether or not they were approved by these two agencies. If they are not approved, the bikes can be shipped to the states, but customs can turn them around and send them right back, bikes don't have to be let into the country if they are not legal for use, NJ thought that they were not approved but have since changed their decision when they found that they were.

It isn't a moped (what a Maroon!)


you don't know much about the "hobby" I guess. That's all we do is tune them. Working for the perfect mix and chop, the maximum airflow, the meanest littl ebike there is.

What do you do? pack your muffler with extra wadding and run with a bad plug?

cabable of speeds over 25 My QT-50 is probably THE slowest moped around and it goes over 25.

Further evidence of your goomba-jabberywocky is a very active performance forum break>

you buy a moped, you tune it up and make it faster. That's all people here have ever done-- that's what you DO with a moped for gads sake. from bolting on a performance pipe to tuning the carb.

perhaps your moped hits 25 exactly and is capable of no more?

I'm giving mopeds a bad name?? I am riding around with a shirt that says "100 MPG" a QT-50-- and my QT is one of the few mopeds you can't really speed up. Opening the airbox and using a better jet might get you an extra hoss w/no 4-stroking but that's a lot of work right now. I'll keep going on the QT going about 28 mph that's 3mph into motorcycle territory. I hope I don't give the SUV tailgating me a bad impression.

"100 mpg"

what a hoot. I'll post the pic later.

And dude, you're a total maroon. A real winner. Moped racing is a sport-- what do you think those people who race do to their other bikes?

what's worse? blocking a huge line of traffic because there's no shoulder? or actually going the speed limit.

Aw, geez, now I know-- I've been hooked by troll-bait.

egads, this guy can not be for real.

Re: It isn't a moped (what a Maroon!)

Michael Miehle /

Keep you pants on. Just accept that the law is simple and clear. If you want to be an outlaw that's fine. My bikes not legal in NJ either. But I don't pretend that it's legal, and if you get bagged by the police it's your own fault. You pay as you go. My QT50 has a 53cc piston. I will have to register it as a motorcycle, I'm not cryin' or trying to beat the system. It is what it is, I deal with it. When I'm agravated enough I'll ask my congressman to get the law ammended.

Re: It isn't a moped (what a Maroon!)

Don-p reguardless of whom he had to contact I think Larry of the M.R.A. did a great job and alot of work for other riders in his state. I would like to thank him on behalf of the larger moped community.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The worst part is that I also heard that they are going to take the TOMOS off the moped list and put it on the motorcycle list.

Re: It isn't a moped (what a Maroon!)

Don Pflueger /

i agree, larry did ac great job. i was just pointing out to etamme in a way that if he's gonna run his mouth to me, make sure his facts are as straight as can be. its over and done as far as i'm concerned. he said what he did and i said all i need to say. subject closed. i hope.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Pflueger /

thats fine with me since my lx is already registered as a motorcycle and my wifes golden bullet will be too once i have it broken in.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tab Patterson /

Never before has one brand of moped/motorcycle caused such bitterness and animosity amongst so many.

For that single reason, I bought three!

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First came Cuss words.. then Tattoos.... Rap music... Body peircings and now the dreaded NP motorsports moped/motorcyle inbreeds....

oh the humanity.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tab Patterson /

We didn't start the fire...

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~tim~ Adametz /

Sweet! I only have 2! What models did you get?


~tim~ Adametz /

I'm not trying to cause trouble, I'm trying to keep anybody from going through having to deal with the bitch, known as NJ DMV. These bikes will only be available for so long, then they will be gone, like the off-road 3-wheeler (Many big fans, some collectors, and will have a following long after thay're gone). I'm not happy, or angry about it; it was simply a warning.

Re: It isn't a moped

~tim~ Adametz /

Bah! 45MPH can suck my nuts! These will hit 60 easy!

Re: It isn't a moped (what a Maroon!)

~tim~ Adametz /

Shit, dude, the rod up your ass must have a rod up it's ass!

Re: It isn't a moped (what a Maroon!)

Tab Patterson /

NP50T-M (the dissin' bike) which is now a 100cc automatic.

2 - NP50T-MA - 1 for a charity auction donation and 1 just for the hell of it.

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