Re: It isn't a moped (what a Maroon!)

I screwed it up for everybody in SC, I registered mine as a motorcycle. I figured when I got pulled over it would be a lot less expensive than getting hit for no insurance, riding an unregistered motorcylce, and riding without a tag. Ins is only $9 a year, registering it was only $22. I think I come out a whole lot cheaper.

I broke my GL in very slow and it will hit 100 kph down a slight grade. Way too fast for a ped.


Does it matter so much?

Forgive me for interjecting here into what seems like a very long and drawn out discussion,

But does it really matter so much if its technically a motorcycle or moped? I thought that the purpose of licensing and titling vehicles was to keep track of who has what and to set road laws, where you can and cannot operate.

I mean really, if a moped is just bearly technically a motorcycle, are children going to starve and small bunnies explode? Im not sure who its really harming, besides maybe the title office not getting their extra twenty or so bucks for a motorcycle license and title.

Just make sure you are prepared to ride what you buy... take it easy at first, if its a bigger bike you probably cant muscle it as much.

Stay safe and dont sweat the small stuff!

-Poor and helmetless in ohio (rand)

Re: Does it matter so much?

Don Pflueger /

no it really doesnt matter much, that is until it starts to become a problem with the dmv's. i dont want to see them start to crack down on mopeds just because of one brand being registered as a moped when it is in fact a motorcycle. we have enough inspection bs here in ohio. and it costs us enough money to pay for this crap we dont need. but sooner or later someone in the government will take a look at these bikes and say "HEY, THESE ARE NOT MOPEDS. HOW MANY ILLEGAL BIKES ARE TITLED AS MOPEDS AND ARE OUT THERE?". then the next thing you know we who have actual mopeds will be forced to pay a fee to have our bikes inspected before we can plate them. or worse yet, have to get them inspected yearly when our plates expire as they do over in england. and then all the modification stuff us moped guys like to do will all become a thing of the past. these bikes are going to hurt this hobby in a bad way. thats why i'm so against them. if they were being registered as motorcycles, and we were on a motorcycle forum, then i'd be interested in taking a look at them and discussing them, maybe even buying one just cuz they are so inexpensive and built with some honda backing. but i'm worried about what is going to happen in the future with my hobby, and hopefully soon to be business. so i'm very outspoken against these bikes. some dmv's are already looking into this. but i think it needs to be nipped in the bud before something happens that will kill the moped hobby in the future.

Re: Does it matter so much?

Ah, I can appreciate that angle of it. When problems come up is when gov't attention is drawn, and we sure as hell dont need any further regulation on ped's. What did you mean about inspection in ohio? I just took my Bill of Sale to the BMV and they gave me tags after some BS'ing around trying to find laws.


Re: It isn't a moped

Michael Miehle /

Thanks for proving my point if it hits 60 it's definitely not a moped. So I'm right and if you don't like it, and you know who you are, Suck it up. If I'm a maroon, you are educationally challenged.

Re: It isn't a moped

My scooter goes 70, I can photocopy the registation if you'd like.

It's got moped tags and says moped on the registration. It's registered as a moped.

I can link the kymco racing site-- my bike has everything the racers do except port and polish. 70+ is what you see before you swap the rear main gear to get real high end.

Moped, moped moped. I've got a moped. You want to argue with the maine BMV? you know what the BMV is like.

it's a moped. Sorry you live in a state where you have to worry about a cop so bored he pulls you from a line of traffic to check if you're a moped or an MC and endorsed properly.

Around here-- if you were going 70 in a 30 you'd get a ticket for 40 mph over the limit. There isn't a single cop in Maine that's going to pull a safe moped or scooter rider over for no reason and check their endorsment.

I digress. My kymco has been on the toll highway at steady speeds of 65 and not one cop questioned it. I guess that's what you get for living in NJ _SHUDDDER_

newark? You go, Jersey boy. By your own admission in an earlier post you admit your QT-50 isn't a moped as it's capable of speeds over 25... remember, you were saying how you put extra muffler wadding in there... restricted the airbox and run with a bad plug so you can do exactly 24.5 mph??

Lol, a QT, axle driven noped and you're lecturing about "what's a moped" the Qt is a stupid little mutant. the only reason people think it's a moped is that it's not a monkey bike or a scooter.

Cops...pulling you over for no reason "may I see your MC endrosement?" as he's pulling out a tape measure for your big block kit. In his pocket he's got a chart of stock exhausts for all the mopeds, right.

You're a maroon. I'll link the post where you admit you're overstating your own cause

"keep your pants on, I know I'm a zealot" or something to that effect.


sorry to be o/t but whats the bike in the picture on your profile wayne?

Re: Does it matter so much?

Don Pflueger /

i dont know where you are here, but in the cleveland area, we have to do emissions testing and inspection. its a total waste of $20. i'm concerned that they will make peds go thru some sort of inspection before they can be titled or registered. and if i open a tomos dealership like i wanna do, i'll have a lot riding on it and i dont want to see anything that will deter any sales. peds are peds and motorcycles are motorcycles. lets just do the right thing and keep life simple.

Re: O/T (small bikes-MZ & Derbi)

That's the Motoradna 125cc on/off road.

This is the kind of bike I'll get my MC endorsement for, ver' sweet. A lot cheaper and a bit smaller in CC than the japanese name brands.

Here's another super-cool MZ

And their biggest bike is 1000cc. I love the styling but that's too big for me.

Here's a super cool derbi 50cc 2stroke

This might be a moped in a lot of places, I know it would be a moped in delaware. they have no gear laws.

This is the Derbi Senda-R, also verified with the local BMV in maine, this would be a moped-- it is ALREADY in their database as a moped.

Here's an unusual design for a scooter, yes, this is a moped in Maine too.

Ugly? yeah, but I like the long fork and large tires.

This one below would have a lot more power than the derbi SendaR-50, but has similar styling.

I think this pic might display a bit big, but it's how it shows on their site. @15 BHP it is highway legal in Maine.

Does your state require inspection?

2-stroke emission testing??

wha? How you gonna test a 2-stroke? it'd break the testing machine, eh?

Your 79 puch seems to have oil in the exhaust!?

lean your mix before you go out for a sticker? not.

your new targa has smoky exhaust? no tag for you.

We have inspection in maine too, FOR mopeds. You get in trouble if you don't have an inspection, insurance, and a valid drivers license and an actual metal plate-- no 'tag' or sticker, an actual number plate with annual registration & inspection

Anyhow, inspecting a moped does not have anything to do with emissions (maine)--- and as far as I know all 2-stroke road machines are exempt from emissions testing-- even those old street legal monster 3cyl 2-strokes.

are you arguing against moped inspection? that's nuts. I think every motor vehicle should be inspected and insured--- so, you're supposed to be out there with bad cables and no brakes and no lights? bike hasn't seen a mechanic in 20 years... whatcha need an inspection for? what's dry rot? brake glaze? sounds yummy.

tail lights? why would I want to have those functioning? Front wheel is loose?

Maybe I'm just jealous.. all these years of registering, insuring and inspecting my mopeds... it makes me yearn to be uninsured...tooling around with dry-rotted tires and no lights with only a rear brake.

Or maybe I imagine how horrible my moped accident may have been if I was on an uninsured vehicle that was clearly unsafe and in disrepair.

Re: It isn't a moped

Michael Miehle /

Are you ranting and raving at me? Because I don't live in NJ, and I never posted that I keep my QT under 35 MPH. I live in NH and I got a copy of the laws so I could be sure to stay within them. If it's a moped register it as such and if it's a MC register it that way. If Maine let's you legally register you bike as a moped then fine. If you are breaking the law and miss leading the DMV then you have lost your integrity. It makes you a liar. And if you lie to them what's to make me think you won't lie to me. I won't get to far into it because I'm not sure it was me you talking too. However if it is me, I don't like the tone of your posts. Are you capable of paticipating in a discussion without trying to demean the person with whom you are talking? I stand by my claim. In NJ the law is specific. If it goes over 25 MPH it is not a moped. If you don't like it you have two choices, 1) move to a more tolerant state, 2) call your congressman and start a grass roots effort to change the current laws.


Arent we all friends here? Hrm?

Be nice everyone, or something. Something other than what your all being. Which is nasty.

Thats my good deed for the decade.

Damn I almost forgot to say,

Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics.

Even if you win, your still retarted.


Tab Patterson /


In TX we have inspections, too. But all they check is the horn and the lights. Now...seems like a great idea, right? Safety? In their infinite wisdom, only certain inspection stations will do a moped...and you guessed it...only the big ones in really busy parts of town or on major roadways. So, restrict em' to 30mph, make all the speed limits on major roads 50+ and put young Johnny on his moped and have him ride it 15 miles in fast moving traffic...out of his normal riding area...just so he can blow his horn and pay $5.25. That law will get people killed. It'd be different if I could ride it over to the quick-lube place 2 miles from here, like I do with my car. But, they made it incredibly tough for no real reason. Fucktards...all of them.

Things 'be different if I were in charge!

Re: It isn't a moped

the point is that your QT has the capacity to go over 25, not that you _choose_ to go 25.

the law is clear-- MAXIMUM capacity of 25. Not "the speed you choose to go"

So, your QT is in violation and if you KNOW it can go faster than the limit you are also misleading them.

You're using doublespeak (which is propaganda) and in my book that deserves a good taunting-- or at least proper application of the hegalian dialectic.

Your tautology is this (and it is flawed):

1. The law says a bike cannot be capable of more than 25 mph

2. I own a bike that is capable of 30 mph

3. My bike is not in violation of the law

This is YOU talking not me. You're on a bike capable of 30 and you're sneaking around the law by going 25. That's Illegal, immoral and unjust---how do you sleep? And, yes, this is a smarmy tone in case you're trying to figure out if I'm mocking you or simply patronizing your foolish, illogical statements regarding _the law_

if the bike goes over 25 on level ground you're cheating the system.

Did I mention you're a maroon?


That's a good point, Tab-- and in all my years of riding, a few moped tickets I've never, ever had an older moped inspected. the cops just don't care-- My targa I did get inspected once the year before it was wrecked.

On my new scoots-- it's apparent you'd need an inspection so i keep those up to date. They just don't care about the details of small bikes. One cop asked ME if I needed a license for the QT-50-- how's this same guy gonna get me for "gears" or a 70cc? ride safe and be polite and it doesn't matter if you're on a derbi, an aprilla a jailing or a 100cc moped.

Not going the speed limit is more likely to get you noticed by an officer than if you go by at the flow of traffic--

Yes sir, no sir, yes sir.

if you need a MC cert, get one. One of these days you'll see a sweet 125cc something and need the cert anyway.

I just can't help but bicker with someone who is trying to say that the "max 25mph" rule is the 'bottom line' when their own moped does 30. Lecturing someone about integrity when they're tooling around on a bike that goes faster than the law allows.

This illustrates a couple things--

1. I'm a trouble maker.

2. You can't legislate morality.

3. the 25mph rule is silly at best

4. that guy is a total maroon.

You know those dimples on his forehead are actually places the coathanger jabbed him?

there are some things that only happpen behind new-jersey dumpsters and in 3rd world nations.

Ain't that right Jersey Boy? There's probably more mercury in that poor kids head than a thermometer. Perhaps Mom shouldn't have been motorcycling through Chernobyl (at 25mph!)

Re: Does your state require inspection?

Don Pflueger /

i wasnt saying that mopeds would have to go thru emissions testing. i was only stating that cars here in my area of ohio have to be emission tested, and over the last 5 years, 3% of them have failed the test, so it's a waste of my time and $20. my 88 chevy bargo van with 275,000 miles on it scores better on the test than some newer cars. so why should i have to test it? how much longer is it gonna be on the road anyway?

so if something comes down the wire where peds are required to be inspected, for anything, and its gonnacost say $20 or so, i dont want to lose a sale just because someone doesnt want to be hassled with it. hell, half of our countries states have enough registration headaches when it comes to peds. why add more? and if this crap with these jailings keeps up, someones gonna notice and all us mopeders will be really upset. just think about it.


As I drove my gas guzzling Ford Exploder home yesterday I had to dodge several groups of slow, unlicensed, non-powered bicycles who posed much greater danger to me and themselves than any moped or motorcycle which are moving at the speed of traffic. This whole issue is about too much government who are "protecting" us from ourselves by demanding registration, fees, and testing so that "they" can stay in business and add more employees. Funny how they have been able to deceive Americans into this fallacy at every level.

But, to avoid being squashed by the system, I am registering my new NP GL as a motorcycle because I do want to ride at 55 mph without getting pulled over an ticketed. Also easier to get insurance. (dang conformist!)

When gas hits $3-4, there will be more of us switching to this form of transportation. Expect higher fees, longer lines, and greater hassles for mopeds/motorcycles/and bicycles!

Re: It isn't a moped

Michael Miehle /

You are putting words in to my mouth. I never said my QT50 went 30. I have no idea how fast it will go since it is currently in about a billion pieces being rebuilt as a chopper. So lets slow this down a little because it is getting a bit silly now. My point is that everyone must find out the laws for the state for which they live in and abide by them. When I got my first moped I went down to the local PD and asked for copys of anylaws that apply to mopeds. I was pretty agrivated by some of it, for example in NH where I live you must have refelctors on the pedals. One of my had broken off so I had to replace it before going on the road. But no matter how agravating it is it's not a reason to break the law. NH defines a moped like this:

259:57 Moped. – "Moped' shall mean a motor-driven cycle whose speed attainable in one mile is 30 miles per hour or less which is equipped with a motor that produces 2 brake horse power or less; if an internal combustion engine is used, the piston displacement shall not exceed 50 cubic centimeters and the power-drive system shall not require the operator to shift gears.

Every state is different. Obey the law. It's simple. If you want to debate the issue I'll be glad too. But stop putting words into my mouth and trying to belittle anyone who agrues with you. I never said anything about a speed you choose to go I said there was a maximum speed. You lied about what I said. My QT will never be in violation because as I stated in an earlier post I will register as a MC because of it 53cc displacement. You lied about that. As I said before you are a liar. I am not sure it is purposful, for now I will chalk it up to having your judgement clouded by anger. You were obviously upset by my first post. If you must reply again by taunting me, using a smarmy tone, calling me foolish and a maroon. It's because you do not have an arguement to make. I'm not impressed, you seem to lack the ability to grasp what I say. Take a deep breath stop investing your ego in the debate and listen to what others have to say. Best Wishes, Mike.

Re: It isn't a moped

I'm not worried about the letter of the law, rather, the spirit of the law.

as a kid, I played frisbee on side streets. We played ball in the road and moved when a car came. this is illegal-- as it's not legal to play in the road, ever.

Jaywalking is illegal. Going 5mph over the limit in a car is lillegal. Tuning your carb is illegal. Skateboarding is illegal. Playing my moped stereo (amplified music on the streets of portland is illegal). There are SO many laws.

It's 12am and the redlight just won't change-- I've waited 10 minutes. Do I run the light? of course, my bike won't trigger the changes.

It's illegal to put a perf pipe on a moped. It's illegal to get a better carb.

it's illegal to go 35 (when in a 35 zone and cars are passing you at 50).

if anyone's gonna care about this, it's the insurance companies who will eventually get a list and let you know that WHATEVER the state calls it they will charge the MC rates.†

So, if you make everything from standing still (loitering) to moving (jaywalking) to playing (frisbee) including music and mufflers... how do you enforce it all? after all, what would a judge say to a cop with a kid and a kickball?

A "ticket" is just a promise to appear in court.

I'm truly astounded at the fear of police-- How often do you guys get pulled over? I never get pulled over--! And cops who know the moped laws so well they can spot a missing pedal reflector-- and respond by measuring your CC and ticketing you-- I just don't see that happenning.

NH police to boot. New Hampshire "live free or die" but you're going to solitary for a reflector and a pipe. NH cops are not bad, I lived in Hooksett for 2 years. I can see the greater concern, too many bikes sneaking through could lead to a crackdown.

Yeah, well the 2005 crackdown on 2-strokes is coming and 2006 is even worse. I'd worry a lot less about new moped laws as I do about the ELIMINATION of the 2-cycle engines.

which is more central to the hobby? the speed limit or the 2-cycle?

2-strokes dissapear and mopeds are all four cycles. why on earth should we worry when (in 2-5 years) the ONLY mopeds will be ungeared 4-cycles as everything else will be way too unclean for use at all.

1. I've never, ever been pulled over for no reason or for a question as to what my bike "is" or what endorsement I have. When I passed between 2 cars @ 45 or so--- the cop told me I was an idiot and told me the possible tickets (improper passing, reckless driving, improper lane use, driving to endanger) but he did not ask about an MC endorsement. Nor did he ask about why a "moped" was passing two cars at 50+.

2. Environmental laws and the killing of the 2-cycle is way bigger than sneaking bikes through BMV.

3. Cops don't know much about mopeds-- and they don't have time to go to court to spend half an hour arguing with you about moped laws. The judge has bigger fish to fry and won't let a petty case take more than a few moments and will probably dismiss it.

I guess I'd be reading the moped sub-chapters on pedal reflectors..... but since the cops don't know a thing about mopeds I really don't need to worry. I would have a hoot going to court to talk with an officer and a judge about a pedal reflector on a 1979 moped-- since it's probably the first time ANY of us have come in contact with moped legalities.

People here usually post when they get tickets-- and it's always that someone has done something dumb.

And whose to say YOU'RE being sneaky and it's not the BMV's fault. THEY issued the registration. They cataloged it and issued a plate. So, who gets the ticket? you for doing what you're supposed to do? or the BMV mutant who tagged a moped as an MC?

you really think a judge is gonna fine you because of a clerical error at the BMV??? Nope, and once you've got the tag-- a cop might ticket you for driving or inspection issues but NO cop wants to go to court and argue against the BMV in front of a DA and Judge. If it's a MC the clerk should have processed it as an MC.

it is NOT my job to keep track of the bikes and classes at the BMV. If I bring them the info and they tag it as a moped-- this is not a citizen error, it's an error at the state administration level. Heck, I'd tell the officer I tried to regster as an MC and they wouldn't let me.

Yeah, tickets for a moped doing the speed limit and a cop who has time to launch an investigation into what the BMV procedures for registration are.

The bottom line in front of a judge:

"I gave the clerk the info, they gave me a moped tag. I have all the info right here"

"guilty--- It's outrageous that you'd believe the BMV knows anything"

not sneakiness, more like a clerk not reading the book or doing their job properly. There's no way BMV error would equal a ticket for a rider. If the BMV was doing their job, the bike would have MC tags. You actually believe a Judge is going to look at a blatant error in documentation issued by the BMV and then convict the person who's simply following BMV instructions.

The reason I call you a maroon is because I've been here a long time, watching hundreds of people tune and adjust their mopeds- that being the first question most people ask about. Now, suddenly, you're trying to make people think that going 27mph in NJ or 32 mph in NH will get you a ticket for "riding a motorcycle" and "giving mopeds a bad name."

Heck, I don't know you, Mike. Maybe you do actually slow down if you're on a downhill and the speedo creeps over 30. Maybe you really do worry about a pedal reflector getting you bagged.

I've got 6 bikes, most of them overpowered for their class. Been riding around portland and south portland cities on small bikes for over 10 years. I know what will get you in trouble in Maine- and it's poor driving. Going the speed limit, exceeding moped speed 'capacity' having a 70cc. Nothing catches their attention except for being dangerous. This is just 10 years of riding mopeds in the biggest cities in Maine. What happens in NH could be totally different.

Cops ask ME about moped laws. The times I've forced myself to be polite I've never got a ticket and it always ends with them asking about the bike, how old, how they used to have one, ride safe.

How often you see a side-street game of frisbee end in an arrest? Does a cop charge anyone standing still with loitering? do they bust cars for 5mph over the limit? how about for not using signals? there's a window of prudence and jurisdiction on the part of the officer. if not for common sense and judgement standing, playing, walking with a radio, going fast on a moped or not using your blinker in a car-- if all these "offenses" were pressed the courts would explode.

This is why police get dirty looks from the DA and Judge when they press stupid, hard to prove tickets.

"But, your honor, I told them I wanted a motorcycle tag, they wouldn't give me one". I also asked about the NP-50 at city hall last week. they will NOT tag it as an MC, it is 50cc and has gears. I told them it was wrong to have a "manual clutch vehicle" tagged as a moped.

"Sir, it is in our system as a 50cc moped, I'm not authorized to 'reclass' vehicles in our database."

Geez, I tried to do the right thing. Now, send me one of them china-cycles.

Re: It isn't a moped

I don't know what things are like in your state, but in IL the officers has very little to do with pressing the issue, or anything at all at court. The officer writes a citation, turns it in, after that the officer has nothing to do with it, the states attorney represents the state in court, they press the issue, the officer is rarely ever called in to testify in a traffic case, they don't argue anything, they are a witness for the state, the states attorney does all the arguing, so if I go write a ticket that I feel I am justified in writing, the states attorney may throw it out(their discretion), or it will go to court, if it goes to court, it will be heard, if you think you are not guilty there will be a bench trial, they don't just spend 5 seconds on it because it is a moped matter, or something else you consider petty. If you are convicted of a violation, say your bike goes faster than the law allows for a moped, the court sends a notice to the secretary of the state(they do motor vehicle registration and licenses in IL) and your plates are suspended , you have to go in and pay a fee to switch the class from moped to class L motor driven cycle,

Re: It isn't a moped

Wow, in maine we actually have the right to confront the accuser, the officer must appear in court.

Also, there is (In maine) a backlog in daily procedings. The DA frantically tries to cop as many cases as he can, usually dropping charges, reducing charges or telling a person they willl raise the fine if the person chooses a trial (this isn't legal, you tell the judge and he'll dismiss it. You can't threaten a higher fine if a person wants a trial).

There is not enough time to try all the cases---- This is systemic to almost all US courts.

Have you seen the book called 'illinois justice' by sherman skolnick explaining how rotten and corrupt IL. courts are in general.

there's a lot more currently on his Illinois public access show--- illustrating the current corruption-- the book was his initial venture and he continues to show why Illinois courts are the worst in the country.

And, as an officer (if you are) you recognize prudence and jurisdiction. I assume you don't write tickets for every single violation you see. If you did ticket every time someone was outside a crosswalk, carrying a radio in public or playing toss on a sidestreet.... you would not be a good cop. You'd be a big pain in the butt for the courts.

At some point, someone would ask you why the majority of your tickets are for 'blinker use' 'jaywalking' 'loitering' and 'playing ball in the road' and your supervisor and the courts would wonder why you can get 10 jawalkers and 10 blinker violations-- if an officer was to enforse all public codes (as is their job) it would be a big mess. The 5th time a judge sees officer smith submitting a jaywalking ticket--- yeah, I'm sure both the DA and judge would be glad to have their court full of angry parents and 12 year old kids with an impounded frisbee as evidence. But--- the ticket was submitted and no question the kid was in the road-- even if it was a dead end street at noon on a sunday.

this doesn't happen in maine, police use their judgement-- they consider the whole picture. Because they actually have to go to court and see it through trial they think twice before wasting time on a kid with a skateboard.

I'm thankful our courts let us face our accuser. I'm glad Maine police are down to earth and less concerned with technicalites and more interested in public safety. I'm glad maine police don't do moped pedal inspections at random.

Setting the Record Straight...

See Ya Moped Army /

Since it was my experience at the NJ DMV this week which apparently sparked this great controversy, and now "integrity" issues have been raised, I feel it's about time to weigh in here and set the record straight.

As ~Tim~ will verify, two weeks prior to my experience at the NJ DMV this week, I tried to title/register my Jialing as an "Untitled Motorcycle <90cc". The NJ DMV turned me away because they said that "China Jialing" was not registered with the DOT. A few days later, ~Tim~ was able to title/register his Jialing as a Moped at his local DMV office. This is how the bike was was classified on his Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO).

Now fast forward 2 weeks....knowing Tim was able to register his Jialing (the identical bike) as a "moped" at his local DMV office, when I went back to my local DMV office with proof that "China Jialing" was in fact DOT approved, I applied for a Moped title, exactly how it was classified on my Manufacturer Certificate of Origin. I tried to do the right thing 2 weeks prior by attempting to title it as an "untitled motorcycle <90cc" , and as usual I got fucked. If there has been a mistake made, it's the DMV's fault, not mine.

End of story...

Re: Setting the Record Straight...

Thanks for fixing it, there was a post about all the running around you had to do-- the usual BMV nightmare.

I love the small bikes-- if they say a 6-speed derbi needs an MC tag, I'm ok with that. If they say it's a moped I'm okay with that too.

We had trouble with our 1st mopeds because City hall had never seen one. Since then it's been smooth sailing.

Thanks again for all the work---!

Small bikes rule, Goldwings drool.

Re: Setting the Record Straight...

See Ya Moped Army /

Thanks Wayne!

BTW....I have a Motorcycle license, so I could have cared less if my Jialing was titled as a motorcycle. It would have even been cheaper to register it as an untitled motorcycle because I wouldn't have to had to pay another $35 for the title.

Re: It isn't a moped

Michael Miehle /

You said your piece and I've said mine. Let's leave it at that.

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in Maryland and i had no issues registering my jailing as a moped, but i couldn't register it to get an actual tag because anything under 50cc has to be stickered and cannot ride on roads 50mph and over. So i have it insured & stickers lol it is a otv sticker. But now i have to get a motorcycle license to ride it, smfh. This bike was originally sold in Florida where most were sold. It's a 2004, actually days 49cc, but title is different too, it's not an actual title. Weird, but in revamping it to a custom bike and putting a bigger mirror on it. It will be tagged later instead of the dumb otv sticker

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rip 2004

Re: In NJ? Don't buy an NP (jialing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huh I thought those were 110cc. Even if it is a 49cc it would still be considered a motorcycle in most states because you have to shift it.

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