Re: creature vigilantism: success

Nate you sir are a fucking retard. What was the whole point of bringing up a two year old post, and talking shit? Why did you start insultin dominique? Im positive that if you lived in sf you would not post any of the shit your saying because you would have gotten fucked up by the creatures. But you just talk mad shit because you know that theres nobody around your fucking redneck area that would do shit to you. FUCK YOU nate and simon needs to ban your dumbass.

Re: creature vigilantism: success

somone should make a ban nate petition haha

Re: creature vigilantism: success

Id sign it. He was doing good for a while but here he goes again.Sat right there in the chat and said he just does it to get a rise out of people because he is bored. I think enough is enough,Myself I can ignore it or not.But people who he doesnt even know.Some new, start an inocent thread asking for help and he just starts bashing them. Its very imature.

Re: creature vigilantism: success

Nate the skate /

LMAo there ain't going to be no petition to ban me,besides if you did id just come back under another name and email address.Thanks dom Im glad i made you laugh now go work that corner and start making use of that nice round mouth of yours.

Re: creature vigilantism: success

Cleats Onionpockets /

What makes you think your IP address can't be banned just like it was on the chat room?

Re: creature vigilantism: success

Maybe we need to flood Simon's emails with what Nate writes.

I like Simon though. He or someone needs to chop this guy off like a hunk of noxious cancer.

I'll send one off to Simon right now. Anybody else??


Re: creature vigilantism: success

I will this evening.i need to go for a while.

Re: creature vigilantism: success

If we cant get him banned maybe we could just get everyone to just completely ignore him no mater what he says. He will get bored and go away on his own.He just want to make people react.


Simon's gonna hafta deal with this.

Yes, you will, but you will eventually run out of emails to re-do.

I guess it doesn't matter. You don't have any friends; so why not keep making new email addresses.

I am RIGHT NOW, gathering some of your statements, and reporting them to Simon.

I hate doing it, because I'm n ot like that. But you have done more than your share of wrong. I can't sit and just look at it.

You lost any kind of respect that you could EVER gain back now.

Re: Simon's gonna hafta deal with this.

Deezy, here is a new one for you to show Simon.Its a perfect example.


Nate makes losers look awesome!

That only works sometimes.

I'm rounding up a few of his comments for Simon's review right now. I'll send it off in a few minutes.

I'd ask others to join me. I know there's one other guy that runs this site too, but I can't think of his name. Oh well, Simon King's gonna have to take action. I hope others do this as well.

Re: Nate makes losers look awesome!

Does Harold have anything to do with running MA?

Re: Nate makes losers look awesome!


please adress all complaints to

Re: Nate makes losers look awesome!

Cleats Onionpockets /


It's funny, this sort of trolling almost makes me wish jay was still going ape shit over getting people to part out there bikes.

Someone would post a picture of their recently completed project he'd yell "PART IT OUT AND SELL ME (insert random part here)!!!@$!!!!"

Nate is and always will be lonely.

If he did, he'da done something by now.


I did now just send only two examples of Nates wipings to Simon.

I know there's someone else that helps run this site too, but I can't remember who.

Simon's always been cool with me on these matters.

I was preparing this awesome soup for an entire community. I added all sorts of tastey morsols. I took my time and really stirred in the special spices. I cooked it very slow over a nice fire made of hickory. I was about to take another taste to see how it was coming along, when I noticed the tiniest hunk of human feces in the pot.

Should I serve it? NO. I have to toss the whole thing out, just because a piece of the best part of Nate got into it and poisened it for everyone.

Re: Nate makes losers look awesome!

Yep, but Jay seemed to have woken up. Nate won't ever see the light, where his head's at.

Be nice to Nate

I even tried that. ~And I meant it at the time, but as Darnell offa _Christine_ said, "Ya just can't polish a turd."

Nate proves this phrase to it's fullest meaning.

I'm through talking to him. I will only hope he buys a mirrior someday. The sooner the better.

I like this thread though. It had alot to say when it was started. Now it's like a favorite pair of pants that you can't wash the crap out of after you found them on a person who should wear diapers 24 hours a day.


Re: Be nice to Nate

deezy. i'm not gay, but i love your brain. lemme have it, so i can make it write these insane but very realistic quotes and images and make a fucking great book!

Re: Be nice to Nate

I cannot understand how anyone could say stuff like that to dominique. she is an angel. Nate you will be getting a beating on sight. sooner or later. you have said too much. please visit california soon.

Re: Be nice to Nate

I concur. I hate fighting, but I'd actually get about 20 seconds of pleasure seeing Nate get his stupid ass kicked. That's giving him the benefit of the doubt that he can balance himself.

There's NO WAY he can act like this in actual life and not have gotten his ass beat many times already. Idiot just keeps coming back.

He knows full well he's no way welcome, but I guess as long as people reply he thinks he is somebody. I wonder if he is a telemarketer by day, and army dung by night. Looks like he never slept last night. Does that explain anything? Still.... no excuse whatsoever for his stupidity.

Like telling a brick to go make a house.

Re: Be nice to Nate

man, that nate kid seems like one angry little boy. i wonder when he will relize that angry people dont drive bikes that go 30 miles an hour.

Re: Be nice to Nate

good job on the email deezy. im sure we will be hearing from him soon.

btw the other person you were thinking of is Dan, the owner of 1977 mopeds.

about nate, i have come to the conclusion that he has an undiagnosed or unmedicated mental disorder. i feel sorry for him.

Re: Be nice to Nate

Yeah I felt sorry for him about a month ago. It's time to treat the disease now.

I hope other people get to Simon.

I'm taking off right now, but I will find Dan, and do the same.

Mental or not, I HATE that hiding behind a dead-brain to cover your faults. It actually pisses me off. Yes, people do go insane. They still are unsafe, and HAVE committed the act. They are better off OUT of society. Sorry? No. I DO feel sympathy for his surrounding community.

Has anyone else had enough? Let the boys in the control room know.

.....Or maybe you just hope that someone else will do something about it. If I'm the only one, then come on Nate, have the forum to yourself.

Re: Be nice to Nate

Yeah, you guys are right.He must have a mental illness.i feel sorry for him but people shouldnt have to put up with it.I feel like this is a good place to come get help,get bikes and parts, and to have fun. I can deal with it, and ocassionally make a comment or two to him.But today a newbie came to the buy/sell forum looking for a ped in Nebraska.Right away Nate bashed him. People are gonna get the impression mopeders are just a bunch of childish assholes. I will email Simon too.But probably the best thing would be if EVERYONE would just completly ignore him.


Re: creature vigilantism: success

HAH! he's just venting on you guys cause he's a single 31 yr old.

Re: Be nice to Nate

Nate the skate /

we were supposed to have a photographer from the SF chronicle trail us tonight, but we quickly found something much better to do.

lately, there has been an outbreak of moped theft in san francisco centered around the caltrain station downtown, where good-for-nothings and child molesters have been cutting cable locks of bikes chained on the street. stolen was a puch maxi, a vespa bravo, and another bravo i think at a different location.

as we left sadie’s for our ride tonight, a lone moped was spotted down the block. we immediately tore after it, zig-zagging through the maze-like streets at the foot of potrero hill.

even with polini power between our legs, this pederass knew his terrain well, dragging us through a series of mud-covered construction sites and dirt paths. at the end of a makeshift parking lot my magnum lept off a two-foot-tall drop-off of some kind into gravel as graham cornered the baby-toucher.

"it’s my friend’s bike!" pleaded the hapless dirty-dread hillbilly lowlife. he sped off into the dirt, with newport and me in pursuit.

some chainlink fence and lake-like puddle later, mr. scumsucker lost us around a corner. newport and i split up to look in the dark for him. at the end of a parking lot i spoke to the attendant, who had previously seen a couple of extremely dirty fellows hanging out with mopeds under some overpass wasteland. i rode back, met up with newport and the rest of the gang, my insides burning with feelings of failure and disappointment.

well, shit-fuck, leave it to our antagonist to stupidly ride up toward us on his stolen goods. fifteen or twenty of us raced back to our bikes and took off after him across the china basin bridge, whatever it’s called.

i saw nothing but sewer-dread’s taillight as i pushed the magnum up to 80+ km/h over some very bumpy and ill-maintained roads. the little red light headed out over some dirt again, but graham, newport and i stayed close behind, with lee charging right behind us on the all-stock-modified hill-toucher of a maxi that he engineered but is unfortunately selling to some undeserving lad. in the pitch-dark we did not see the jagged chunk of concrete we had to jump onto, and i slammed on the brakes and lept off the bike as newport took a dive over his new clip-ons. lee somehow drove his bike over this vertical chunk of jagged conglomerate.

we immediately jumped back onto our rides and raced the pug-fucker down the block. he approached a circa-1995 beige mazda mpg, dumped the bike, and hopped in. graham, newport, and I SURROUNDED THA VAN,CHAINS IN HAND as the others roared to catch up.

"drive! drive, steve, drive!" cried the incest-bred scat defender.

"get the fuck out of my car!" yelled steve, the driver.

none of us wanted brains on our chains, so we let the thief go, since we had the bike. steve wouldn’t let him back into the car until the cops appeared down the block, and they sped away. we have their license number.

casualties: only a bunch of loose shit on newport’s pinto, lost homoet mount on my magnum (and thus a bad exhaust leak), some skin off doug’s leg. it was worth it. even newport and i bonded a little.

Um excuse me but maybe I should email this to Simon,threatening bodily harm to a person who you assume stole a moped with a chain and threatening to do damage to a person's private property? Theres something wrong with that and If none of you cant see that your more fucked up in the head then I am.Maybe I should report your asses to the cops or better email this post to them and see how many of you will be terrorizing the streets of SF after this.Have a nice night you fucking psychos

Re: Be nice to Nate

Cleats Onionpockets /

Nate.....Simon will give a resounding "fuck yeah!" at the story. Cops encourage you to look around to get your peds back if they are boosted. If your bike was stolen, and you saw someone riding it around, would you do nothing because it could just be their moped? No! It's your bike, and you know it. So you go, and you lay down a serious beating.

That being said, you are welcome to visit the great city of Rochester anytime.

Re: Be nice to Nate

Yo asshole don't be mad cause they fucked up your plans that night. And steve peobably raped your ass for being such a dill hole!!!!

Re: Be nice to Nate

"LMAo there ain’t going to be no petition to ban me,besides if you did id just come back under another name and email address.Thanks dom Im glad i made you laugh now go work that corner and start making use of that nice round mouth of yours."

lets actually talk about things here nate.

see all those words you just said here, on the page, directed at a member of this board?

i am pretty sure that you have stepped past fun time into maybe legal trouble time yourself, that is some waaaay harassing talk, and of a sexual nature and would get you banned from any website and maybe some nice federal trouble too, since the internet crosses state lines.

the creature post is about something that took place in the real world, and is a recounting of it, nothing to do with MA at all, other than being posted here.

oh, and that petition? making it right now.

Re: Be nice to Nate

Nate the skate /


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