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MMP Episode 54 Voting Season


Welcome to episode 054 the voting season. This episode we reach out to our friends on IG for a few topics to get into. We also talk a little bit about the 2019 votes going down for new clubs trying to become MA official.


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U kin B O’f,ff..fff,f’fishhaL!

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“I got 1000 but it’s not liquid right now” had me laughing like a fool here at my desk

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The election is rigged!

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The hardcore gangs, the last thing to get in the club is u gotta have sex with a gal in front of ur girlfriend or wife. PATCHED

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1———- see #2. n

2———- FU mlln\


4-——— see #2

5———- see #2

6———- see #2

7———- mustard ketchup from Sunday and transmission fluid

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Ohh god think of the impact it would have on the AC’s and the LC’s,, RUN! he’s got a beard!!!

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Bringing back the Scooter VS Moped beef with episode 55


1st off, congrats to the clubs that just became MA Official. Go to and send them some love.

LSLB, Mopitt, Shanks and Spicy Boys

This is episode 055 with our favorite scooter club 7 Hills. Huge thank you to Deja, Anthony and Andy. You can find out more about them at or hit them up on FB or IG. I don't remember much more about last night so check it out and let us know if we said anything cool in a comment or something.






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I exist purely to remote hijack your podcast.

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Follow up episode with Pete from 2nd Stroke


Welcome to episode 59! This episode we briefly talk about the new crank pipes as we unbox one of the two we got to review. We also got to spend some time following up with Pete from 2nd Stroke Mopeds, P&G import (Tomos America)and Moto. A lot have changed with them since episode 19 and we are all stoked for what Pete and the boys will do next.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign at





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