Re: Are you riding your ancestors' moped?

Family has an old Sears free spirit they've had in Minnesota forever. It's up by a lake cabin in a garage right now and I've been trying for years to get the attention of my Aunt so I can just figure out how to ship it to my place in Seattle. It was purchased by my Grandpa and ridden by my Mom and Aunts during the gas crisis. Grandpa did a port job on it and he claimed it'll do 40 on the stock cylinder and pipe. Now I really wanna know....

Re: Are you riding your ancestors' moped?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

WEIRDER are you riding a dead friends bike.

My Targa was the dreaded one's. May he find the great plant God merciful on his indiscretions on carnivorism. ... .... .. . ... ... ......

Re: Are you riding your ancestors' moped?

^^ One of my red Motrons has a history like that. I'm the third owner and the second owner was given the bike by his friend's widow.

Re: Are you riding your ancestors' moped?

I had a maxi that belonged to my friend Liam, who died in a moto accident. Not on that bike, but his dad did offer me the bike he crashed. such a tragedy, he was one of those really motivated and moral people always really working, hard, to make things better for others.

Re: Are you riding your ancestors' moped?

Not my family tree, but my wife’s cousin, his grandfathers moped.

So the story is this moped was sitting a garage. It belonged to wife’s cousin grandfather .

Family knew I tinkered with Cars and motorcycles. This was my first moped rescue.

I restored functionality to this moped and delivered it to southern Alabama to the grandson / cousin


Re: Are you riding your ancestors' moped?

I own my the founder of my clubs personal bike, it was sold before he passed to a friend who got it from. Many people still recognize the bike

Re: Are you riding your ancestors' moped?

> Gilbert Lewthwaite Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I AM an ancestor, a grandfather (83), riding my own 1968 Peugeot 101

> that I brought over from Paris in 1975. It's been totally renovated,

> but still has the original paintwork, decals and panier sidebags. Hope

> one of my grandsons will eventually ride it.

Good for you, Mr. Lewthwaite ! Glad to see another of us old folks riding! KUDOS!

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