Re: Mopeds in Florida?

Better get a filter screen on that, Mr. Kenny.

Re: Mopeds in Florida?

I used to live there, and there was a pretty decent grip of us there. Most of the core riders have moved outta florida, Onell is still there, and he's kind of the OG in orlando at this point. If you're on Facebook, you should join the group Florida Moped Riders. I just saw a thing he posted that he was aiming to have weekly rides, leaving from Stardust Video & Coffee on Wednesday's.

He is also hosting this event that's coming up soon!

Re: Mopeds in Florida?

Thanks Viv.

Good to hear there is some interest around Central Florida still. Get in the Facebook group and lets get a central florida group going and plan some rides. We've been trying to get the Tuesday rides going but not many show up.

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