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been putting in work on the Austro-D Puch. got the centerstand welded up, added a support rod through the mount plates and a hook for the return spring. also riveted a rubber stop to the swing arm so it doesnt get scratched.

tore down the wheel hubs to clean all the grime that was built up in them the rear was pretty bad.


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the rear hub on the austro puch is different than other 5 star rims. it doesn't have a free-wheel sprocket and the brake drum is bigger than the standard 5 star hub. it takes 100mm brake shoes. iam curious about the performance of this bike's brakes.

i didnt get a pucture of the rear but both hubs got sanded down with 100grit sand paper, new bearings and slotted brake pads. new cables are also in the works.

rear hub.jpg
brake plates.jpg

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this is where we're at, hoping to get the swing arm, the rear wheel, hub, tire and tube mounted.


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Was this one of the only US Puchs to come with a sealed bearing front wheel too? I dig that axle nut cutout in the front brake plate, never seen that before.

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no idea about it being the only one with sealed bearings in the front stock. the Puch AD had alot of cutting edge tech in its design; like the bushing mounted subframe, all the cast aluminum parts.

it seems like Puch was going for futuristic styling and performance. i wasnt born when they came out with it but iam sure in 1985 this bike was top of the line. i wonder what they sold for new and how many got out into the wild.


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swingarm and wheels mounted. mocked up the seat and subframe to check the ride height. its a bit tall with the 320mm shocks but feels nice.


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GalatiEat ThisPizza /


I picked up one a few months back (which is now my 2nd one). It had 2 miles on it. I assume from either the factory or being moved and rolled around. Pedals had never been mounted. Still shrink wrapped in original plastic & under the seat.

Anyway. My response is I’m regards to pricing.

I’ve got some sweet paperwork & there is still a tag on my bars. From it being sold new at this bike shop. It was sold for $1290. If i remember correctly.

One of the most fun bikes ever to ride. They used to be rare as shit. But i see them more and more now. I got my first one about 6 years ago. Not many floating around then. And now they’re popping up a bit more.

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Jalapi, thanks for that info it's good to know.

i took a break from working on this bike for a bit but I've been back at it the last couple weeks. i cracked the top-end open and found a pretty burnt and scared piston and cylinder

iam thinking the PO tried to get it running with the wrong plug and straigt up gas (no oil) and soft seized several times.


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this is the #11 cylinder the piston has a "1734 B"marking on it and the head has a part # 345.

i figure this is a good candidate to practice porting on since its cast iron. the idea is to raise and widen the exhaust and match it with a proma circuit. widen the intake and drill the intake and carb to 13/14mm. made a stock port port-map for the hell of it.


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Jeremy Homser /

Did your small end have a needle bearing or a bushing in it

Re: Puch AD

it has a brass bushing. i think the big end of the crank has a brass bushing also.

the wrist pin also got scorched.


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DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

> Alex hernandez Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> it has a brass bushing. i think the big end of the crank has a brass

> bushing also.


Hm I figured these would be rollers.

Why's that far transfer so goofy shaped?

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i hope it has rollers. we won't know til' i get it running and it blows up lol... the transfer are weird, neither side match the jug.

Re: Puch AD

Cristian Luna /

so much good work going into this bike ! Cant wait to see it done

Re: Puch AD

LSLB: Zach richards /

Knew if I put a little time in I could answer the original cost question. $899 all together w/ fees from least one dealer back in the day


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those ads are dope!!! its like going back in time seeing those ads with the dealer prices written on them. thanks for finding that out Zach.

ported the cylinder based on different threads, if any one has some more advise or tips even critisism feel free to drop'em in. ended up widening the exhaust 2mm on each side and raised it 2mm. widened the intake a little over 1.5mm each side and raised it .5mm by mistake.

in the pictures posted the "ported map" is on top. next is a pic of the exhaust port then the intake. i also honed the cylinder some like ten passes with the hone maybe.

ZomboDroid 11122019070048.jpg

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matched the case transfers doing the playdoh and seran wrap trick. i am gonna have to flush the cases though cause i feel some shavings fell in when i moved the con-rod a bit by mistake.

the exhaust port i opened up the flange to 22mm to match a proma circiut and polished the port for the hell of it. on the intake side i opened it to 14mm. i plan on drilling the stock intake and carb to 14mm also.


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cleaned up the cylinder and head you gotta really dry the iron jug immediately the rust forms as the water evaporates. i had to scuff it up with some sand paper and oil it to get rid of the rust. went ahead painted the cylinder and sanded the mating surfaces.

i raised the piston skirt on the intake a smidge just to see what it does and added a new ring. i had a spare wrist pin so i used that and polished the brass bushing on the crank and re-used the original wrist pin clips.

the head took a shit ton of sanding with different grits to remove the nubs. i set it up with no base gasket just a couple coats of cooper spray and ended up with a squish of 1.5mm originally this must have had more than 2mm of squish(edited)

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