Finally made money with mopeds

I taxi Amish to support my moped habbit, normally hauling passengers in my Honda Civic or whatever car I have at the moment for around a dollar per mile.

One of my regular passengers just got married a week ago and needed to look her best for her first church. She wanted to iron her dress and her husband's suit, but she had left her butane powered iron at her parents' house. She gave me a call to see if I could pick up the iron for her and bring it over any time soon.

It's also Geauga County Fair season and her new house is just north of the fairgrounds, so I knew I would be fighting fair parking traffic. Well, either fighting fair traffic or an opportunity to introduce hundreds of people to mopeds!

I drove the car home after she called, slipped on the old leather jacket, borrowed my daughter's school backpack, and was able to deliver the iron by incorporating a 14 mile moped ride. As I drove past the fairgrounds, I turned some heads and made people smile. (Either that or they were laughing at me) I even saw a couple who were friends of the bride.

Oh, yeah, I charged her the $10 I normally would have charged her had I taken the trip in a car.

I got paid to ride my moped!

Sixty more trips like that and this bike will be paid for.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Excellent indeed. Next you will have to jig a wet stone and sharpen their tools for them at 5$ and pay for the bike in a weekend !!!


Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Those moped can husk corn too if u rev it on the stand and rub the corn on the back tire.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

♣Slew Foot♣ /

My favorite is driving drunk home from the bar in their own pickup truck cuz I just put my moped in the back drive them home in their truck and then drive home on my moped and I charged him thirty-five bucks and it's a lot cheaper than a DUI

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Trust me it's a lot easier than getting hit by cars to make money off of mopeds but the payoffs are a lot higher Jesus this last guy almost killed me and I don't look for these situations I just drive a moped in an urban area that's full of idiots

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Overpriced Parts /

I once delivered a larger mill roll of carpet 200’ x12’ versus 150’ x12’ near to your Middlefield area which was so big and heavy and felt like I had extra power steering in my ford 250 Econoline van because the front wheels were light with it hanging out the back going up a long gravel driveway to large barn at a Yoders or Millers house (don’t remember) who.

I was wondering how they were going to get that big roll of rug out the van to the pole barn without a tow motor and tow motor cpt pole/dick connected?

Then a few guys came out with two large horses (draft horses?) together, Some other animal (ox maybe) some rope with hook and a big cart and and they got it on the cart and into the barn,

As far as the fairgrounds up to maybe 10-12 years ago we used to go to Geauga Co. fair pretty much every year and it was funny to see some Amish teen girls come in wearing their Amish getup and go to bathroom/wherever and change into normal people street clothes with some make up smeared on their faces and the guys would lose the suspenders and boots,

All be smoking cigarettes and cussing like tough teenagers/young people ha ha.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Took an Amish man down to Louisiana in my F250 pulling a 20ft. flat bed to pick up a sawmill he had purchased . 950 miles one way.

Put the sawmill on the trailer and an edger over 1 ton onto the F-250 and came back.

Made it to Cincy and the transmission burped out about 5 qts of fluid. LOL!

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Overpriced Parts /

A couple van fulls of them were at local shopping center with some coming in the target store while I was sitting on the bench waiting for my wife to get done in line I started quietly singing beginning lines of this song under my breath:

One one of them that was closer than I realized and he said “hey I know that song” We both had a chuckle!

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

I picked up a free lawn mower, did some small fixes and I’ve mowed a few lawns with it this summer. I made about $60 bucks

People laugh at me when I ride my moped but I know I don’t have it as bad as them so I guess I’m evening the playing field. I gotta play me self down sometimes to fit it

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Its like gambling at the casino.

You cant be a winner unless you leave when you're ahead $$$.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Harrison Ford taught me not to fuck with the Amish from Ohio.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

I did it again today.

An Amish guy calls me up to see if I could pick up a belt for his machine at a shop on the other side of town. The temperature is in the mid 50's, so as long as I wore gloves and a leather jacket, I figured, "What the hell?" I tucked the belt under the jacket and made $20 for an 18 mile moped ride.

This is twice in 13 months and I have made $35 so far. Given the ten thousand I've spent on mopeds over the last 4 years, I should break even by the year 11,110.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

♣Slew Foot♣ /

3 car accidents 10, 15, 45k

Not worth it.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Overpriced Parts /

Yeah a buck a mile for people who are draft dodgers, income tax invaders, conscientious objectors, Child abusers and don’t pay in the system,

You are doing our country a injustice, do you have anything to do with them? for its worth 5 times times What you’re charging!

I wouldn’t do it if my life depended on it!

They are OSHA invaders, child labor law breakers, I got them kicked off of almost every job I got on,

They are are the worst layout carpenters you could imagine!

Some jobs they were out 4 inches on the outside 24 ft wall because they only had an eighth grade education,

They don’t know math, don’t do lasers for layout or nothin,

Why do you promote them! For such a small amount of money only to have all your rights are taken away when they flourish!

I hope you’re happy when you retire and your Social Security is cut off because they don’t pay into nothing!

You’re doing it for a buck a mile, man you’re my neighbor, boy do you you suck! Only because your ruining everything by under cutting 200% for what normal things go for,

Yeah you make no money now and you’ll be long dead before you make any money because the dollar a mile has been been around for 30 years and it’s worth three times that now

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Wow it sounds personal...

Hey now whatcha be doin to the good name of the righteous...

The breathern will be stern taskmasters come the post apocalypse...

Best stay on the goodly side of em.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Of course, the Amish aren't going to tell you what they pay other drivers per mile, so I have no idea if I am charging too much or too little. Uber and Lyft websites say you should charge $0.85 a mile in this area, but after Uber takes their 25%, you wouldn't make any profit, so there are no Uber drivers out this way. I looked into driving taxi in the Cleveland area and those Services charge something like $2.75 cents per mile.

Ever since I started, I've been threatening to develop a website like Uber or Lyft and try to collect $1 per week per driver & passenger to act as a go-between. With 350,000 Amish in the United States and a crap load of drivers out there, if I could tap into that market, I wouldn't have to drive it all any more.

Re: Finally made money with mopeds

Tweaker trash /

The idea of someone using their own car makes it very profitable for the company because they avoid vehicle repairs and even lawsuits if something goes wrong.

Amazon was smart in renting uhaul trucks because if anything happens just return the stupid vehicle and grab a good one and have them deal with the vehicle issues (edited)

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