Peugeot or Motobecane

Justin Howell-Clarke /

I’m looking at getting a moped. I don’t know much about them but there’s 2 I’m currently looking at. They are a 1977 Peugeot 103 LVS-U3 and 1977 Motobecane Mobylette 50v. I was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind weighing in on which might be the better of the 2. They both run. The Peugeot is definitely in better looking shape than the motobecane but I see a lot more motobecanes than Peugeot’s. Thanks!


Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

I would go Motobecane, but that is because I know more about them, that Pug looks good too, since they are both running don't mind the nay-sayers chiming in about French bikes being harder, they are different that's for sure, but not that bad if running. Check conditions of fuel tanks for rust which one rides better to you, the Pug looks nicer and potentially less messed with, a big plus with any make. Do they have paperwork if needed in your area, are they in your budget? Lights work? Lots of variables to consider.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

If this is your first bike neither of them. French bikes are finicky and odd in alot of ways. If you dead set on it go ahead, a Moby was my first bike. I love them! But alot of people get discouraged and quit when they start with a frenchy.

But expect alot more frustration getting it sorted than an equivalent German or Italian bike.

That being said, get the Peugeot. More complete(edited)

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Dan (high idle) Conway /

This^ Also id go for the 103, but what do I know, I hate french bikes. I can respect the interesting engineering and they can be very very fast mopeds, with much work.

If I were to start over, I would have gotten a Maxi as my first bike for the sake of cheaper parts/ease of maintenance/ reliability/ a real carburetor hahaha

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Justin Howell-Clarke /

Thanks for the input. I think because of my lack of mechanical knowledge, I may be leaning towards the Peugeot since it’s been running and not really messed with. However, this just popped up in my area as well. Any thoughts on a 1978 Garelli Gransport. It’s in good condition, been serviced and it’s running. All of these mopeds are ranging from 500 to 650.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Much better first bike....also, those are one of the best stock bikes in my opinion..but there's nothing stopping you if your dead set on a frenchy. Don't get the garelli if you really want a Peugeot or you'll resent it.

Don't worry about your mechanical knowledge, you'll figure it out.

Nothing gets you learning like breaking down, which is gonna happen btw.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

> Justin Howell-Clarke Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Thanks for the input. I think because of my lack of mechanical

> knowledge....

stop RIGHT there. french bikes are not for you. really. mechanical knowledge is 100% needed to maintain a french moped. move on to the next brand, or, be ready for a trial by fire that may just end up breaking your soul.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

if the 103 has the original internal 2 coil stator (they all fail) id pass for the garelli if its in running condition. otherwise keep looking , just be patient.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane or Garelli

Justin Howell-Clarke /

I read a review about the Garelli, about how they are pretty decent stock bikes, easy to work on and reliable. Here is a photo of the Garelli. Apparently new rims, tires and he just had the engine tuned.


Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

That's your bike right there. Minty, get it while you can.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Josiah Radebaugh /

Eh, either will do. I'd take The Peugeot Just cause I like em.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Peugeot 103 all the way, any new moped is gonna be tough but 103's are very reliable and straightforward. The build quality is better than the garelli. If it already runs it will be pretty easy to learn the ropes. They also have a lot more performance potential if you're into that sort of thing and its easy to build a nice reliable stock one that goes 40 mph with good acceleration.

there are only two weak spots on the peugeot- the carb being a gurtner can be a bit tempermental but its easy to replace with a Dellorto

and the 2-coil ignition is prone to failure, but its easy to replace with a 5-coil off buy/sell forum.

motobecanes are pretty intimidating to a first timer, there is a bunch of stuff on them that is done weird and they use a lot more special tools. they also are really prone to environmental damage if they sat out or were stored in a damp location.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

I'd get the pug if I were I'm the one selling it...haha

I has a clone del carb, new intake, clean tank and new petcock, airsal 50cc kit, new tires, new cables, lights and horn work...and that super cool bar end mirror that came from...somewhere???

Not the fastest but definitely has potential...depends on if you want to work on it to make it a quick bike or ride it.

shit, if you buy it I'll throw in a Dakar carb, a cheap circuit pipe and the old cylinder/piston if you want them...

I have a twin of same model that's all kitted out and converted to's my ripper so this one is just taking up space.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Some folks would be shocked by this reply - however -


I would suggest the Pug over the Moby, forgiving with the reed induction, but only if you are keen on becoming mechanical and are willing to learn to wrench your own ride...

If you already have been messing with the lawn mower, trimmer, snowblower, tinkered wit minibikes and stuff is still running then go for the Moby. You will get more bang for the buck out of the Moby but the learning curve can be intimidating compared to the Pug...

If you are really not interested in mechanix past just a tune up - or even less - then go for the Garelli - local gear head will be able to keep that running for you.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

obligatory pug +1

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Trevor Reeves /

If you aren't mechanically inclined and like how supple and soft your pretty hands are get an fa50 noped. If you wanna party with the Boyz get a maxi. And if you wanna get chicks, get a variated moped. Just know that both the 103 and 50v can with pussy magnet installed from factory stock. Nice touch

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Trevor Reeves /

Touché of you will

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Fuck a Puch, light, dull Maxi...meh, Motobecane rides heavy, like a real bike. need odd tools yes, but if running a good buy. That 103 is a steal though.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

I would say buy the peugeot. I started my french bike obsession with motobecanes and once i got my first peugeot i was sold. If i had the money to play the av10 game i think i would get more into motobecane.

Imo, 103 is better than av7 mainly becuase I dont like piston port cylinders. But i do think the av10 engine and cylinders are better than 103.

Re: Peugeot or Motobecane

Mikey Antonakakis /

103 + Le Partie CDI + whatever performance parts you want (or none).

If you want an absolute ripper, go 50cc kit with Polini race cases, clutch pulley and a good pipe, raise the exhaust port a bit and tune the clutch to engage at 9k, variator for slightly higher. Deafen everyone all the time.

For good performance and better manners, 70cc kit.

Or just keep it stock-ish but enjoy the excellence of Le Partie.

Oh and yeah, probably dump the Gurtner carb for a Mikuni or Dellorto... But rubber/spigot mount it if possible.

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