Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Cable choke wired up to original cute lil lever. Also a wholesome friendship between a bird and banana


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Back to this, Started porting the parmakit. I wanted to add stacked transfers like a Puch 74 Eurokit since I've had very good luck getting good speeds with those. Got the kit in my new vice and a 40 of king Cobra and got to work. Dang Nikasil is hard to cut!

I nicked the mating surface a little with my dremel chuck, sucks, I need to get some better tools.

Next is to work on the transfers from the case side and then move into exhaust width and port duration.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

gotddayyumm this is cool. keep up the good work!

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

This is so tits.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

That is fresh af

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

This is the best thing I have ever seen.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Yes yes yes!!!

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Started to put holes in the side of my piston but I broke a drill bit in it and cracked off the skirt cuz I’m dumb and was pretty drunk on King Cobra, so I had to order a new piston. Decided to get this DR replacement piston since the oil gulleys on the side looked like they were relatively in the right spot at BDC, and I was right!!


Got the dremel out and cut out a nice hole on both sides and it turned out pretty good! Plus this new piston has a top transfer window so I will be cutting the skirt on the kit to match


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Added port for top transfer window on the piston.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Inside view of ports. looks pretty nice!


Smoothed out top transfer, not perfect, but she'll do.


Kippen going crazy playing with shower curtain!


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Cylinder painted and little mating surface marks filled with JB weld skim coat


BDC on Engine. I marked where the rings are to make sure they wont catch on a port


TDC. I decided to make and run a thicker base gasket to get my port timing a little better than in these pics.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Thicker gasket made with Auto parts store 1.5mm thick paper.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Engine pretty much done. Just need to finish up cleaning the clutch parts and putting them back in, then maybe I bench start it?


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

I remember once seeing a clip of a heavily modified motocompo in a tunnel matching pace with the car filming, and then twisting the throttle the rest of the way and ripping ahead, the glorious sound bouncing off the tunnel walls. Wish I could find it.

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