Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Cable choke wired up to original cute lil lever. Also a wholesome friendship between a bird and banana


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Back to this, Started porting the parmakit. I wanted to add stacked transfers like a Puch 74 Eurokit since I've had very good luck getting good speeds with those. Got the kit in my new vice and a 40 of king Cobra and got to work. Dang Nikasil is hard to cut!

I nicked the mating surface a little with my dremel chuck, sucks, I need to get some better tools.

Next is to work on the transfers from the case side and then move into exhaust width and port duration.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

gotddayyumm this is cool. keep up the good work!

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

This is so tits.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

That is fresh af

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

This is the best thing I have ever seen.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Yes yes yes!!!

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Started to put holes in the side of my piston but I broke a drill bit in it and cracked off the skirt cuz I’m dumb and was pretty drunk on King Cobra, so I had to order a new piston. Decided to get this DR replacement piston since the oil gulleys on the side looked like they were relatively in the right spot at BDC, and I was right!!


Got the dremel out and cut out a nice hole on both sides and it turned out pretty good! Plus this new piston has a top transfer window so I will be cutting the skirt on the kit to match


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Added port for top transfer window on the piston.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Inside view of ports. looks pretty nice!


Smoothed out top transfer, not perfect, but she'll do.


Kippen going crazy playing with shower curtain!


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Cylinder painted and little mating surface marks filled with JB weld skim coat


BDC on Engine. I marked where the rings are to make sure they wont catch on a port


TDC. I decided to make and run a thicker base gasket to get my port timing a little better than in these pics.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Thicker gasket made with Auto parts store 1.5mm thick paper.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Engine pretty much done. Just need to finish up cleaning the clutch parts and putting them back in, then maybe I bench start it?


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

I remember once seeing a clip of a heavily modified motocompo in a tunnel matching pace with the car filming, and then twisting the throttle the rest of the way and ripping ahead, the glorious sound bouncing off the tunnel walls. Wish I could find it.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Finally got my shock back along with the first ever prototype aftermarket shock for Motocompo. Fits perfect! Feels great! Finally I can ride it!!


Also I have been getting into DIY milling and my first project was to try to remake a Trickmetric Dio adaptor since I needed another one anyway. Def not time or money efficient vs buying one on Treats, but that’s not the point. Here it is part way done cutting 7075 Al with a China desktop mill I modded and a super cheap $2 1/8” endmill.


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Finally riding it and working on tuning. Got 34 mph out of it yesterday on the stock engine with stock cylinder Needs more tuning, I have to roll into the throttle to prevent bog and I’m running a 60 pilot.

Thinking I might just kitslap the single speed and ride it this summer then convert to the SR motor this winter when I have more time.

Look how dumb and small it is:


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Hey 34 is a lot faster than it was going when it was in pieces in the garage. Really nice job so far

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Trying out an Arri Racing stainless pipe from Japan. 32mph vs 34 with the hacked up Peoples Pipe, but damn is it pretty


Other side plastics put on.


I need to fix a little broken tab on the back and can put the under taillight trim on


Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Hope to see this if we have any rallys this year. Please let us all know which ones you will be at. I need to see this thing in person.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

I’ll be at any and all Detroit and Milwaukee ones for sure. Also for sure the Creatures one in Cali in September but I’ll ride my Laguna at that.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

i can't wait to get totally smoked by something with 8" wheels!

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

I need to hear this run with the new motor setup!

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

OH MY this thing is heckin cute. That little pipe. Subbed.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

What are the details of the shock? Did you just piece it together from other shocks?

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

That thing is the Pug of mopeds. So strange looking that it's cute and you can't help but fall in love with it. I'd definitely drive to a Detroit rally to see it up close.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

> Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I remember once seeing a clip of a heavily modified motocompo in a

> tunnel matching pace with the car filming, and then twisting the

> throttle the rest of the way and ripping ahead, the glorious sound

> bouncing off the tunnel walls. Wish I could find it.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

Holy shit, that rips dicks. Hard dicks.

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

ricardo mollinedo /

was that shock from another scooter? Im in a house of not small japanese men so some extra spring would be nice

Re: 1981 Motocompo Build

This post is worthy of a TV show

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