Tomos chopper...almost

It's very hard building something that hasn't been done... This chopper took me round 3 months to build it... I put it together in two evenings... But had to take it apart and make it better every single time... I'm sure I'm still not done but I did want to share... It definitely ripps... Although it looks heavy but it's really not all that heavy.... I know when I said as far back as I can that front end wants to lift up... I made a Ridgid suspension out of some metal kindorf strut... I put springs under the seat and it helps a lot... I threw the saddlebags on 4 Rally rides.... EBR long Puch tubes with Tomos triple trees... The sissy bar came off of a Kawasaki.. This bike gets a lot of attention in this small town I live in and it's a blast to ride..


Re: Tomos chopper...almost

I can dig it. the struts make me a lil uncomfortable but maybe i'm just looking at it wrong.

pretty simple approach to a tomos chopper though and it works well. I been wanting one of those sissybars, waiting to find one cheap at a swap, but I pretty much just got rid of pretty much anything i had to put it on.

cool ride

Re: Tomos chopper...almost

Looks sweet!

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