Re: Fear of commitment?

That coil has never been plugged in, should that have been plugged in? Also I should mention that I don't have a rectifier either...

Re: Fear of commitment?

Swap out your original Peugeot coils with higher quality Puch ones. New points, new condenser and you won't have to mess with your ignition system for quite a while.

Re: Fear of commitment?

Emil Kniemel /

On this topic (unrelated to fixing your bike). I always do little test runs in the neighborhood. Then things get kinda nervous into the streets (especially if you can't pedal). If things seems ok, I ease into just blasting around with no particular place to be in case i break down.

Once it survives that and yeah, you feel like you can trust a bike, I will take it work (7 miles away). Even then I've had a CDI pick-up come loose inside the magneto and destroyed itself. I pushed/pedaled the bike the rest of the way to work and then got a ride home in my co-workers truck (huzzah).

I haven't had a fear like that in awhile until my pullstart rope broke (after starting, no starter shoes on a hobbit). Luckily I was riding home so then I was able to fix it.

Re: Fear of commitment?

u can have these if ya wanna pass by garbage grove


Re: Fear of commitment?

Simon Belmont /

Longer ride then normal?

Sure just make sure you bring heavy duty lock & chain on a ride with you & a cell phone with "uber" app pre-installed and ready to use in case if ped malfunctions, you can chain it to immovable object, make a note of where it's at so you can get it later and call uber so you can get to where you need to be.

Re: Fear of commitment?

> Dirty30 Dillon Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> The solder job on the condensor is mad suspect, and I HATE those

> internal combo coils as they tend to fail pretty easily.

These are the #1 biggest issue with Peugeot in my opinion. Even if you buy NOS ones you can throw them on and they just don't work. I have an external Puch coil wired on my 103 and it works beautifully

Re: Fear of commitment?

if you go through the moped, and i mean thoroughly... you know that thing inside and out, upside down, then i would trust it 10fold. likewise if you build it, you know that shit blindfolded. i would trust my hobbit on a 200 mile ride anyday of the week

if you put hands on every square inch and know it so well, if anything goes wrong you know exactly where to check first - and you're usually correct at what you think went wrong. go over it, do it again, then 3 more times and if everything checks out i dont see why you / i wouldnt trust it

Re: Fear of commitment?

Thanks for everyone's advice regarding going on longer rides, and getting my spark back.

Thank you especially to Pat Splat for the points! I threw the new points in there and the spark is big and white and the bike starts up with one kick!

I can finally go back to worrying about riding it!

Re: Fear of commitment?


Here's what the old points looked like versus the new points, it looks like the old ones were missing part of the point on one side just like Pat said.

Re: Fear of commitment?

Just FYI, if your spark is white, it’s weak. Your plug is probably about fouled by now. Throw a new one in, and you should have a bright blue, almost purple spark. That’s what you’re looking for.

Re: Fear of commitment?

cool that tyey worked, hopefully you'll make it past your driveway.

Re: Fear of commitment?

Good going,Pat!

Re: Fear of commitment?

Made it past the driveway, did not make it around the block. First half of the block was perfect, got up to speed well, everything sounded good. When I hit the halfway mark it started sputtering and the only time it sounded consistent was at idle, then it finally died about 100 feet from my house.

Gonna try an external coil and see if that helps, if not its gonna be a CDI when I get my tax return.

Re: Fear of commitment?

sounds like a loose wire, before u go tearing it all apart, check plug cap is on good to wire(it twists on) electrical connections good, grounds good and kill switch disconnected. u can use the decomp to kill motor. Less equals more supposely for reliability...

Re: Fear of commitment?

Ended up replacing the ignition coil with an external coil, and I've never had spark so good. With just thew new points it got good spark while the plug was just clamped to the head, but as soon as I installed the plug I would lose spark.

I thought I would have it dialed in at this point since besides the spark I had it running good. I was wrong. Now it won't run. I have no idea what to look for at this point, I took apart the carb and cleaned every piece, checked the jet and the needle and the banjo filter. No debris anywhere, nothing in the carb, nothing in the inline filter, nothing in the petcock filter.

My ideas were (in order from dumb to very dumb)

A vacuum leak somewhere

My reeds? Maybe they're stuck shut?

Little gremlins living in my engine

Too much compression

God is punishing me for touching myself

Re: Fear of commitment?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Touching yerself is blown bulbs...

Ya did something worse.

Re: Fear of commitment?

Hey Graham, following your WIKI break in post. Got my Bravo rebuild done and so far so good. Just gotta remember to turn fuel ON.

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