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I am looking for a cheap combo temp/tach (rpm) gauge to use only for tuning. Preferably one that goes around the spark plug. Anyone have any ideas?

Its going on a 2004 Yamaha Zuma



Re: RPM/Temp Gauge

I used something like this on my RD350 roadracer.

Re: RPM/Temp Gauge

Re: RPM/Temp Gauge

Check out the runleader brand ones on eBay.

I have this one


They are pretty nice.

Backlit and have temp, tach, hour meter and some other functions.

The only issue is the temp sensor is flat so you may need to bend it to clear the fins on your head.

I like them a lot more than the trail tech because the sensors are made better with thicker wire and they use replaceable batteries.

Extra sensors are pretty cheap

Re: RPM/Temp Gauge

The Runleader unit (looks like they are the oem for the DOS model) is on Amazon for $37...

Runleader Tach/Temp/Hrs

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