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It's basically this. 90% sure that's the same one, but not where I bought it from.

actually looking at it, it's definitely the exact same setup

The one I got also claimed to be 1kW, but it's obviously not even 750, controller seems to manage maybe 20A and it's 36v... And the battery claiming 11Ah is realistically not performing at close to half that. I get about a 5 mile range at 15mph and then can maybe eke out another mile or 3 at steadily declining speed, then it's dead.

Like I said tho, it was a funny idea, I wouldnt recommend this route, It's not a practical ebike, but it does add acceleration and a pedal-free backup if the ICE goes south. I should test out a 2WD hillclimb, like on shitty terrain. It climbs hills fine. Really it's just like pedals on a moped without the effort

Re: 2wd hybrid

This would be neat on a bike like a morini or minarelli where the pedal gearing doesnt really allow you to pedal off the line

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

Oh yeah I believe that motor has planetary gears inside it

You want a scooter hub motor, then 1kw is okay, and 3kw will get you to 45 no problem

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So now after commuting this for a few months (but only a few days a week vs WFH) since my sachs got looted, I gotta say the hybrid drive is actually really great. I'm like 4 tanks in at about 60-80mpg, Or around 50x 5 mile trips and some random intown rides besides. so I dunno 2-300mi.

1) makes it very easy to start, you just kinda hit the go button and the ICE engine chugs along til it warms up and takes you away

2) start and hillclimb, it really does climb and start uphill a LOT better, on my commute theres a big steep dirt hill to go around a fence, but it cuts almost a mile out of my commute and keeps me on much nicer smaller roads. I used to pedal or sometimes even walk my kitted sachs but this does it really effortlessly.

3) Ass saving! Only twice has the bike died (once clogged petcock, once I just ran outta gas) but the electric saved my ass both times, just e-power my way home. it's slow, only like 15mph but way faster and easier than pedaling.

4ish) not a big gain but the lights are bangin', LED's easy, and if I was more industrious, blinkers would be dead simple and really any 12v accessory. I mean pretty standard battery advantage but it counts for something

5ish) I can get away with bike paths and sidewalks, still to a limited extent but moreso than with the engine buzzing away

Anyway, Ive come to really love it, it get insane mileage and I only charge it weekly (it was 2x daily if I drove full on e-mode before it'd lose it's go) and it's been a really surprisingly great, reliable and fun whip.

Biggest negatives? The battery should probably be more rigidly affixed, it's fine for now but will probably fatigue the mounts in a year or 2. and the mechanical disk front brake on the hub motor is only so-so. it works fine but it's just janky and I don't trust it's longevity. probably need pads semi frequently.


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^ I fucking love it! :)

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I know it wasnt the intention, and im not trying to turn this into some moped speed addict post. I’m not that crazy concerned about going fast. But, i would love to see this set up on a moderate stock ported ped with a good pipe.

It could be geared for high speed cruising and use the electric like a first gear/ clutch saver. The hub motor, controller and battery really are not that much weight to add. I have two E50s at home. One is going to be a stock 50/50 attempt. The other I think will be a hybrid custom job. streamlined and geared for high speed commuting.

I loved the original Honda Insight. It was a tiny underpowered engine that could do amazing MPG on flat highways. The motor was just a helper for acceleration and hills. I think that would make a fast, 200 MPG moped possible. For people that are into that sort of thing.

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That's awesome, I was kinda bummed to be honest when you said it was lame and parked it.

Seems like the daelim motor is a good choice for this too since they do get out and move pretty good once they are up and running but they are doggy off the line with low compression and no kits available

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

I was thinking of doing this with a batavus m48 but use a motobeacane pulley so it could disengage the gas motor.

It's awesome will.

We got a tow path that runs from Scranton to bristol.

My work around is a handicapped placard. You get one for your car then goto kinkos and make a sticker with the #.

Now it's a medically needed motorized vehicle. The law allows that on dnr trails.

Re: 2wd hybrid

Yeah the m48 was actually one of the first ones I thought of, they can be decent quick once they are off and running but the clutch is so bad, I seriously think the Dutch meant for you to pedal off the line. It's like the only bike that is faster when you do that.

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

They have standard dry clutches @ the tractor supply

When I get back to the bat I always thought a tomar would rule.

Re: 2wd hybrid

Awesome update, the added hill climb + having a way to power home seems like serious gains to me. Hate that feeling when a bike just quits a couple miles from home. Keep us updated

Re: 2wd hybrid

I really dig the hybrid using these hubs, glad to see it has been a success.

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