Motori minarelli

Does anyone know exactly what year this is I can't find the exact bike with same features trying to fix up but don't know what I'm missing and what I'm doing please help


Re: Motori minarelli

Sorry , I can't help you , exactly .

Maybe get it running .

Looks like someone primed it for you .

Paint it pretty ; put a rear fender on it and lube the chain .

Then go for a ride . ;)

Re: Motori minarelli

Ouch... Your missing alot of parts.

Re: Motori minarelli

Missing rear fender, tail light, tail light wires, fan, fan cover, foot rest(s), speedometer, speedometer cable, speedometer transmission, as best as I can tell. Picture is a little fuzzy.

Is that fan cover system aluminum?

Somebody chime in as to if the engine is a 20 mph cylinder...

Re: Motori minarelli

Jeremy Homser /

The tank makes me think its a Snark

Re: Motori minarelli

I just looked at my Snark's tank and tend to agree. Can't say anything about the rear fender, but the required foot rests fit other Minarelli bikes.

Re: Motori minarelli

Maybe you can use that dog bone in the background for a replacement foot rest! Seriously, though, I love a challenge like yours, so start studying this site and get out yer wallet!

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