Re: Project Excalibur

Brake cables are crap. Wheels need truing. The light(s) are not functional.

But it works. Ran around the block all quiet and stuff.

Pulled the limiter wire apart and I’d say it does somewhere around 25mph. The reduction in wheel diameter is definitely robbing my top speed because the ESC thinks it’s a 26”.

What am I saying, “my top speed”? This is my kids bike. But I definitely could see myself borrowing it every once in a while.


Re: Project Excalibur

Fuckin cool! If I knew more about electronics I would consider a project like this! Great work man!

Re: Project Excalibur

Other side.

Still need to dress up that nest of wires and finish some stuff. But, it’s basically done.


Re: Project Excalibur

You don’t need to know anything about electronics. Just how to buy something from the internet.

Maybe knowing something will be important if/when it breaks.

But it was all plug and play. Easy as LEGO.

Re: Project Excalibur

Frame looks like it was run over by a car

Re: Project Excalibur

Awesome bike Papa! True engineering, two thumbs up!!

Re: Project Excalibur

Tight work! That bike looks hella fun... diy electric noped, kudos for making it happen. can we get some footage of you riding it?

Re: Project Excalibur

It’s getting dark out here.

I’ll get a video tomorrow and gps the speed on some flat ground.

Re: Project Excalibur

Today is Father’s Day in Germany. So all the shops are closed.

That means I still don’t have any brakes because I need cables.

My kid tried to video me going past but the camera is all over the place.

So all I’m posting is the still shot and GPS.

I will hopefully get a better video tomorrow.


Re: Project Excalibur

> Rich Condor Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Frame looks like it was run over by a car

This funny? Maybe read thru the thread. Frame was pulled from the earth...

Re: Project Excalibur

> Jay Rivett Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> > Rich Condor Wrote:


> > -------------------------------------------------------


> > Frame looks like it was run over by a car


> This funny? Maybe read thru the thread. Frame was pulled from the

> earth...

I guess you didn't read the thread about how bent out of shape that frame was when he pulled it out of mother earth .

Re: Project Excalibur

I had to do some budget camera work by shoving my phone into my helmet.

The rattle sound is the front brake lever which still isn’t connected yet. I’m getting around to it.

Also, after 2 days of test rides, it finally ran the battery down. On this ride, the motor just cuts out. So, I had to reset the battery and got back home.

It’s rainy today. I promise I’ll get some useful info on here about this project. Like battery charge time, ride time, speeds, and then make a longer (higher quality) video of it on a “commute” type ride and finally, prices.

It absolutely is perfect as a kids toy. All the kids in the neighborhood have ridden it and want one. I think it probably has what it takes to be adult transportation as well.

Re: Project Excalibur

That is exquisite. Well done!

Re: Project Excalibur

phone holder.

Get it.

Re: Project Excalibur

In flip flops, like a boss!

Re: Project Excalibur

Just wrote a wrap up post for this and my internet crapped out. Then my phone got stupid and all is lost...

I hate technology.

Anyhow, the electric moped cost me over $1000

The battery was 369€

And the motor kit was 183€

If you start with a complete frame, that is all it would take. +/- some nickel and dime stuff.

I just went on a ~4 mile ride going all out. The battery indicated 25% discharge after that. Couple days ago, it started limiting power at 50% charge. So, my initial estimate is that it can go full speed for around 10 miles then limp along after that. Takes a few hours to recharge.

I’ll put up another crappy cell phone video and call this done for now. I’ll update if anything significant happens or new info comes up.

Re: Project Excalibur

Hope y’all like this. I stopped the video because the guy on the bike flagged me down to take pictures. He was super excited. Said his son was going to build one and was asking me lots of questions. Everyone loves mopeds. Most just don’t know it yet.

Re: Project Excalibur

> Papa _ Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Everyone loves mopeds. Most just don’t know it yet.

Best quote.

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