'77 Pinto Update

Havent shared what Ive done to my pinto since I got it. Also been a while since Ive been on here. Howdy!

1977 JC Penney Pinto Specs

70cc Treat Kit with Hi hi comp head. 15mm bing clone with a 72 jet and a 222 atomizer. Eso side bleed pipe. Sliced the seat off and hammered on a long seat. Needle bearings on the stuffy crank fell out and seized my engine so I stuck the old brass one back in after a rebuild. Stock clutch with blue springs, slight glaze so I have to sand it a tid bit every once in a while so it'll grip again. Gearing is 18x40 and Im flying at 50mph

Ive put over well over 10,000 miles on this bike over the last few years. Had to rebuild the engine twice.

Re: '77 Pinto Update

Nice bike, love the Yugo sculpture in the background :)

Re: '77 Pinto Update

Thanks! Yeah that was at my old job. Miss that place!

Re: '77 Pinto Update

Luke Stroehlein /

Wild Bills! I have puch build going, I'm down in Branford!

Re: '77 Pinto Update

Hey thats not too far from me. Im in Deep River. We should ride someday

Re: '77 Pinto Update

Eric Whatley /

What did the 2.22 atomizer do for you? I have basically same build with 2.17


Re: '77 Pinto Update

It works slightly better with the 15mm and esotril sidebleed pipe Im using.

Re: '77 Pinto Update

Is Dodge This related to the guy with the Cadillac Ranch scuplture?

And actually, Yugo's are as rare as mopeds these days!

Re: '77 Pinto Update

Not related to Wild Bill but I worked there for 6 years. He passed away in early 2017 and his daughter and I ran the place for a while until her brothers got involved. I quit in mid 2018 because I was tired of the family drama and the brothers didnt want to keep the place going.

Re: '77 Pinto Update

Oh wait, no Wild Bill and a friend of mine got the idea of the Yugos from the Cadillac ranch dude.

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