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Hey folks,

Just picked up a sweet Puch Newport L from Rob K in Hershey today. Highly recommend him if anyone in Southeastern PA is looking for a new ride. I can't wait to start tinkering with the bike. Does anybody know of places that are currently open during Covid and able to register mopeds near Lancaster? Brimmers and PennDot have been closed for a while now. I know some PennDots are slowly opening up in western PA but was curious if anybody is aware of other establishments that are open and capable of registering mopeds.


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Nishad Datta /

I hate to give bad advice, but most pigs don't know what mopeds are and they definitely aren't really writing tickets for tags right now. Maybe look into doing it online if you're really concerned?

but also, my girlfriend's from Lititz and her parents still live there. We live in NJ now, but will probably be out that way with our mopeds at some point. let's ride

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roger that! yeah i’ve been cruising around the city a bit, just would like to get it registered for peace of mind’s sake. hit me up when you’re out this way.

Re: Moped Registration in PA

I hope, someday, you don't need a "pig's" help.......Just saying.

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Does PA not have an online registration process. In MD, we can do this online.

...and will add, since the closures, have renewed the registration of my mustang online.

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Marietta Notary in mount joy is open, and they've been dealing with me and my clubs moped registrations. Maybe try them?

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Ken - I do not believe online is an option, at least for PA

Travis - thanks for the recommendation. I did a little poking around and from my understanding notaries are considered an essential service so that widens my options a lot. I guess it is mainly PennDot/Brimmers that are shut down for the time being. (edited)

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

You call and make appointment. Have notarized bos. Rob k could've notarized it for you. Call your state rep office and ask for a walk through of how to do it.

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Rob K already notarized it for me... The question I asked is regarding places open during the COVID 19. Travis indicated Mount Joy is open so I’ll have to try that (edited)

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Like Travis staid, Marietta notary in Mt Joy will do it for you but you need to provide your own plate.

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chris eichhorn /

Did you get a pa title from him? He gets peds from a lot of people and most need registered in vermont first. You can then take that info along with insurance info to get it registered in pa

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Mike Stitzer /

I just registered/title transfer a motorcycle at Goodville Notary, which is about 30 minutes east of Lancaster. They are open their normal hours. Maybe the smaller notaries are still able to be open.


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