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Hi All,

I was hoping to get some help from the people in the know. I bought a moped in spain as I have a little down time (lockdown) during which I hope to restore her to her former glory. It unfortunately has no papers and I cant find any markings to tell me what the make and model are. From the pictures provided could anyone tell me roughly the make and model? I can take more photos or videos if that would help.

Thank you in advance for any and all help,


Moby 1.jpg
Moby 2.jpg

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What you have is a lot of work ahead of you. I’m not sure, but the variator/motor looks like Motobecane, but I don’t recognize the frame. Someone will know for sure.

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WOW, if the engine still turns over that would way past cool all restored.

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Raleigh or Motobecane is my guess, I imagine engine is locked, no exhaust, no carb and no plug....sad state, but things were made well back then, if you get it Id'd there is a good chance you can redo it...if you have the time and patience, no id plate on the head-tube?

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Overpriced Parts /

You have what/It will make What “Arry” the Diesel Says @ 1.33 in

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lol, thats great

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Looks like a Raleigh RM with a Wisp tank/canister...hmmmm

Actually, the rear triangle is not quite right for Raleigh, so nevermind. 😬(edited)

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Peugeot BB1 without the original tank maybe?(edited)

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I think you’re right, looking at pictures there are similarities. Shame the makers plate isn’t where it should be ha.

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It looks very similar to this one......


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Handsome cycle. It is certainly not a Motobecane, Motoconfort, Peugeot or Terrot

Could be a small provinciale cyclomoteurs is without the body panels it could be a number of the localized products like Mercier or Automoto, etc. By the mid 1950s just about each province in France had a cycle producer fabricating their own brand of cyclomoteurs using parts supplied by the major manufacturers.

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Chris Carleton /

Get some prep h its gonna hurt.

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Hi guys,

thank you very much for the help so far, after the removal and initial clean I have found these markings on the engine and Magneto. Again no expert here so sorry if i sound dumb but the logo and GAC suggest this is a motobecane engine? Were these engines consistant throughout and then different bike manufacturers made the bikes or would this suggest I have some form of Motobecane bike with obvious panels missing.


Moby eng 2.jpg
Moby magneto 1.jpg
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