Rear shock recommendations

77 pinto. I just put on some EBR maxi forks that I know are a little bit shorter then the stock forks, Should I use a shorter 290mm or a 300mm shock also a shock that’s a bit softer for a 170lbs old man with a bad back. Anybody recommend a good shock? Thanks for looking.

Re: Rear shock recommendations

Unless it's an issue of the bike tilting forward a little because of the shorter forks, I would think that the stock shock height minimum should be maintained. If you went shorter, the wheel might hit the fender or rub on the tail light wiring.

I need to go all out on a bike one day and see what difference EBR forks and newer shocks do for comfort. I'm always fighting with sore or tired hands due to carpal tunnel and neuropathy, so a sore butt doesn't hurt as much as my hands.

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