Post those first treats orders...* Moved to this forum by simon


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Can’t remember my original login. This is as far back as I can go:


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Where do I get these treats you speak of?

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I had some PayPal orders before this I think but I got a nice juicy Simo 90 ciao kit in November 08


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Jimmy Cincinnati /

Speaking of which is there a treats sale this weekend? I need stuff

I’ve been ordering from Benji before treats started

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Then post a pic doggie lets see your first treats order

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My first order I made a return 😂

Pretty sure I bought the wrong head twice and that I didn’t even have a bing carb on my first maxi. The p.o. Slapped a 15.15 on it, that shit was whack.

I remember that the first moped parts I ordered were from 1977 and had a terrible experience.


This should really be in gen forum

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> Daniel '' Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> This should really be in gen forum

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Mine's not too exciting. 2017 when I was building my V1 motorized race bike.

The red springs sucked and the clutch was even worse.

The polini kit is still going strong, though


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Jeremy Homser /

Before this i was ordering from Benji of his ebay store. That pires pipe sucked!

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Luke Stroehlein /

First order for my puch


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Eric Davenport /

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Still have the seat. Been thru many hands but found its way back to me and now lives on a mofa style maxi I’m building up.


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Aww my Penny... she went thru so many transformations... there are more orders for her thru the years too. And lots and lots and lots of other mopeds that I have had the pleasure and disdain to have worked on.


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Emil Kniemel /

I was listening to a moped podcast and they mentioned how to find out your customer # how do you do you that?

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> Emil Kniemel Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I was listening to a moped podcast and they mentioned how to find out

> your customer # how do you do you that?

Go to your order history


Click view or change order


Click print invoice


Then you can see your customer number in the upper left corner.

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