Assembling QT Engine

This is what they look like just before gluing the case halves together. I always use the crankshaft puller/installer on the mag side first as it has a longer distance to travel on the tight ( almost classified as interference ) fit between the crankshaft and bearing. The transmission side only has to travel about 1/2" on the bearing to seat that side and they usually go on with a few taps from a brass hammer. I will be using polished stainless steel allen head bolts to replace all the JIS screws holding the engine together. Also it's obvious I use Toyota sealant as I work on them and this stuff works good on QT cases. So this is progressing well, considering the gooey mess it originally was!


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is that stuff made for gas too? if not which it is not I wouldn't use it.

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Adrian Murphy /

What kind of crank puller/installer did you use? I just split my towny case and cleaned it up. I was able to split it using a steering wheel puller I have but not sure what I will do to get the crank back in on the left side like in your pic. I am curious why you would hit it at all putting the right half on. Won’t the case screws just pull the two halves together. Especially if you heat the right half and chill the left? I always hate hammering when a bearing is involved. This is my first time splitting cases. It came apart very easy.

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Tusk 178667 puller/installer is what I use. Expensive but you'll never have to buy another.

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Are you a Toyota mechanic, if so, may I pm you a question?

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Stephen- I'm mostly retired and now just work on my own older Toyotas, and am not up to date on all the technology that is new every day. I guess look around some Toyota forums which I bet you've already done. Sorry.

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