Re: Cheep China bike engine w/ centrifugal clutch

I figure, with a little effort those engines can be usable. The one I had worked. It just was really loud and vibrated too much. The clutch was a real weak point.

That’s why I was asking specifically in the original post about the engine w/ centrifugal clutch. Not the bump-start 1 speed ones.

I haven’t seen one of those critters, in person, and it sounds like nobody on here has either.

Re: Cheep China bike engine w/ centrifugal clutch

I had one Irode for a few months. Things would break or crack off and I'd wind up hard mounting and wiring things. I pretty completely hated it because I was always doing some shit to unfuck it, but honestly I bet if i'd kept it it woulda lasted - like you start breaking and remedying all the weak links until there's no weak links yet. I mightve been getting close to that point.

The one thing that never seemed to be really long term fixable was the clutches, the dry manual engagement ones, it'd roast or unthread or the arm would get stuck or whatever dumb shit but it was constantly a problem and never lasted. I dunno that I ever got that totally sorted, but in this motor's case, the clutches seem possibly not so bad.

honestly even the morini had clutch issues; i mean it's designed to launch a 50lb kid outta the hole shot once per race, not stop and go WOT blasting with a 200lb adult

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