Suzuki fa50 running backwards

I had to put a new crank and rod in my fa50. I got it in and all back together. Only thing wrong is now the rear tire goes in reverse. I have checked the transmission and all the gears are in place how they should be. Could I have wires crossed and it’s making it run backwards?

Re: Suzuki fa50 running backwards

Nope, timing is set wrong. Like wayyy off. Two strokes don't care what way they spin Soo if the timing is set incorrectly they'll just get that first spark and take off in the wrong

Yup your timing is off. (edited)

Re: Suzuki fa50 running backwards

Had this happen on a Puch, woodruff key sheared and the flywheel turned pretty much perfectly 180° and started right up on the stand. Revved it up and noticed the wheel spinning backwards. Seemed to run well like that, probably should have just welded new mounts and flipped the motor around for a fun conversation piece :)

Re: Suzuki fa50 running backwards

Put more effort into your kick starting technique. Kick it HARDER.

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