Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

Nicholas Reynolds /

I've owned my '79 Puch Maxi for 13 years and have been cruising around at 25-30 mph just fine. I'm at a point where I'd like to make some upgrades (carb, pipe, forks, shocks etc) and would really like some suggestions. My budget for EVERYTHING is around $800.

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

Mr Reynolds,


There’s a lot in there.

What specifically are you trying to accomplish with upgrayedds?

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

You should be able to get all you need for less than the $800. You could hold off on things like the forks at first since that is almost 200 of your budget. But you can get all the engine parts and replacement cables and tires. If you are making an e50 fast you will also want to rebuild the engine with a needle bearing crank so your bushing doesnt go out on the stock crank. Lots and lots of work to make a bike fast. I've been a little slow and had some set backs but my fast build has taken me a couple months to get it dialed in. Almost there. So dont just assume everything is going to slap together and you will blast off to the moon. So your research on the work and ask specific questions when you need to. The community can be helpful, but they will also call out BS as they see it.

Buy your parts from one of the moped specific sites, dont try to save money buying cheap knockoffs from ebay.

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

Nicholas Reynolds /

My first goal is safety/stability. I have only replaced a couple of cables. Should I be replacing my brakes... ever? I just ordered tires from Treatland. The current ones are pretty cracked. I'd like to replace the forks and rear shocks as well. After those things are done I'd like to upgrade to a new exhaust pipe (stock pipe is cracked and very loud). I've read that when getting a new pipe a new carb is recommended. I have my eye on the 15mm bing.

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

Unless your forks and shocks are bottoming out when you sit on it, or are bent in some way, you probably dont need to replace them as I said they will be a good chunk of your over all budget. I tend to address those bits last, as they are still adequate for faster speeds as lond as they are still in decent condition. Me being a big guy the shocks tend to get replaced before the forks even.

15bing is good, get a boss or proma gp pipe for a stock setup. But these pipes will be under performance on a kit. And bigger pipes would be too much for a stock bike. You could do a techno circuit and they will do well on both setups, but they are not for super high rpm. They die out after 9k.

For an easy kit I advise the 70cc tccd kit. I'm not a fan of reeds like all the other guys are. Just one more piece to have problems with and I have not had enough performance difference to say they are better. I'm sure someone will chime I saying I'm wrong. This kit is well made and inexpensive, which are both good qualities for your first upgrayddes (hope others besides honky cat know the reference).

If you get that kit you can get something more fun like an mlm peoples pipe for it. The 15bing will work but you could do something like an 18 bing or mikuni to get more power out if it.

Get jets and a timing tool, and a flywheel puller... and maybe a flywheel holder tool too. Make life easy and dont brake stuff with the right tools.

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

If safety and stability are number one priority, I think servicing wheel bearings and replacing front forks with a disk brake setup would be nice.

Most people start with wanting to go fast and then worry about safety stuff when their moped falls apart around a fast engine.

Disk brakes are not cheap. But I wish I had them. Still leaves plenty in the budget for go fast.

Speed and reliability are usually inversely proportional.

So, what kind of riding do you want to do? How fast and what distance? If you want to ride everyday around town 35-40mph that’s way different than going fast with hard acceleration.

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

Nicholas Reynolds /

I ride in town, so I don't really need a super high top speed. I'm more interested in getting up to speed quicker than i currently am.

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

I just did a maxi that had been sitting for 20 years, it was in great shape but had almost 5k miles, i.e. it had been ridden for years then got abandoned after everything was wore out.

Just about everything was there and in good shape just wore out. I went through it all and now it's basically a new bike. Does low 40s, looks and rides like a stock bike just awesome-er. I probably would have stuck with a stock ported cylinder on this build but the stock cylinder was toast.

This is an almost complete list of what I did, probably put like 10 or so hours into this thing but like I said, it's cherry now, and I would put anyone on it and ride it anywhere.

New tires and tubes

New brake pads and sand the drums, grease pivot points.

New brake cable as needed (upgrade front to late model Tomos large gauge cable)

New throttle and starter cable as needed, grease throttle assy.

New grips

Clean and repack/grease cup and cone wheel bearings.

Clean and repack steering bearings

New plastic bushings in forks 'fork sliders' clean out old grease and re-grease

Maize's fork tube cutoff mod for more travel

New drive chain

New petcock

Rebuild engine with new bearings and seals

Install 44 mm airsal kit

Matching high comp head

Port match stock 14 intake

Modify air filter to open inlet

Replace 12 Bing with 14 Bing from buy/sell

Upjet to 74 and tune

Proma gp pipe

New genuine Bosch points

NGK b6hs plug, gapped to spec

Di-electric grease all electric connection points

Remove horn circuit and ground blue-black

I think that's about it, basically tore down the whole bike and rebuilt it, but holy crap is it worth it, this thing is fantastic and I probably won't have to touch a thing on it for the next 10 years. Way better to do it all at once rather than chasing breakdowns and dumb little problems all the time

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

^^^^^^ do this...all of it. ^^^^^^^^

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

up shits creek /

ya - what graham said. i'll add, replace crank, adjust timing and add a trail tech temp gauge.

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

Nicholas Reynolds /

Hey you'll. Just wanted to give you an update.

So firstly I did/have been doing a lot of general maintenance on the old Puch, as it's been my only moped for years and I'd like to think that I take decent care of it. Grahams post was very helpful, however so I took the time to pay attention to a few things that I had neglected.

As far as new stuff goes, I bought some items from Treatland and plan to install them this weekend. Here's the list:

Tecno circuit pipe

Bad boi round headlight

Michelin city pro tires

Tunes, rim straps

New cables

Brake shoes

Authentic Bing 15mm carburetor

A bunch of gaskets and bolts and stuff

Is this a foolish list? What's missing? What do you want to warn me about?

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

up shits creek /

authentic bing carb is so expensive....would have been better off with drilling out a 14 imo. or going with phbg or mikuni for less $$ with much more tuning/performance.

Re: Upgrades for stock Puch Maxi.

Authentic 15mm Bing is recommended all the time on here. So, I think it’s totally fine that someone buys one.

That carb is gonna need a range of jets. I think perfect would be low 70s - low 80s

Never had that exhaust though.

You can get spark plugs anywhere, but you’ll probably want a few of those as well.

Not a foolish list. It’s a nice step up from stock and should be easy to accomplish well.

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