Honda Camino PA50

Hi, I havent been on for ages.

I am confused regarding my vin number on my moped. On this site, the vins state one thing but my vin states another. The P50 has hte vin starting with 1000001 as numbers and the PA50 starts with 1100001 on the numbers. My model is a PA50 and the numbers start with 1096*** There is a V beforethe numbers, but it is not recognised in the PA50 lot, nor the P50 lot.

I dont have the number plate to tel lme what year it is, but it is old and I think older than 40 years old. It has a small rear tail light, no indicators, square (oblong) headlight with switch and speedo on top but no high beem indicator and no key, There are no brake switches on the brake levers and no battery at all, nor a fuse in the wiring. It has stainless front and rear mudguards, single honda seat / saddle. Is there a way of telling the age of a moped by certain fetures ? I have yet to get it started but \i am going to buy a new set of points and a new coil first as I cant get a spark. The wiring is to be desired as there aare some unconnected wires near the headstock that dont seem to go anywhere. Thanks in advance.


Re: Honda Camino PA50

That link to jacks scooter shop looks like they only list the US models, we only got them for 5 years over here, I think they were sold through the early 90s in Europe?

Good luck, i love the ones with chrome fenders. Clean that tank out and clean the carb 2 or 3 times, make sure you get an inline filter for the fuel line.

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