NC50 Exhaust on NU50

Christian Kyrmse /

Since the only aftermarket pipes for the NU50 are the MLM pipes which start at $110, I was wondering if anyone had tried putting an NC50 exhaust on and NU50. I have seen that there are many used stock NC50 pipes on eBay for less than $50, making it appealing if it actually fits. I wasn’t able to find any used NU50 pipes, hence why I am asking specifically about the NC pipes.

Re: NC50 Exhaust on NU50

It looks like the hole where you bolt it to the motor is closer to the exhaust body on the nc one vs the nu pipe, but I only own a nu50, maybe someone with both can verify?

Do you have no pipe or just a shitty stock one?

Treatland has a few clamp on exhaust chambers that might work with your stock header for $35-$40, if you're looking for the cheapest option.

And some hobbit pipes can work, but for both you'd have to fabricate something to properly mount them so they don't vibrate too much and crack right off. And you might need to remove the centerstand... so you might just want to pay a little more for quality parts that bolt right on.

Re: NC50 Exhaust on NU50

Christian Kyrmse /

I don’t have any exhaust for my NU50.

Re: NC50 Exhaust on NU50

Jack Rutherford /

I tried it a while back. Won’t fit.

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