Best radiator for Motobecane with MBK Magnum Racing engine?

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What's a decent radiator to add to a Motobecane 50v with a MBK Magnum Racing engine? All suggestions welcome and appreciated.

Side note: I ordered a "NOS original" radiator for way too much money, but was sent a non-functional broken worn out piece of junk. Basically, it leaked like crazily instantly and had at least one huge hole. It took so long to arrive that eBay's automated system locked the return/resolution center function. Not even eBay employees could fix the issue. I was told I qualify for the money back guarantee, but that I should deal with PayPal instead because of the glitch. Still waiting on a response from PayPal.

I really tried to get an original radiator off a MBK Magnum Racing because it would bolt right up, function flawlessly, and look good (especially with the scoops which I was thinking about wrapping in 3m chrome vinyl), but at this point, I'd love a radiator off a dirt bike or a scooter or whatever.

I just don't know which model of radiator or what tubing\hardware to use. I do have one of the mercedes slk320 Bosch water pumps to pair with a radiator. The mounting looks to be a bit tricky to make everything fit, work, and look clean, especially with a variated engine and not much clearance. Regularly, I'd stop by a bunch of local radiator shops, parts stores, junk yards, ect... But these days I think I'll try to figure things out online. So, I'd really appreciate to hear other's experiences or suggestions with radiators.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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