Too rich?

Do ya think? Everything had heavy carbon ...


Re: Too rich?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Pretty common to have build up there, although I would check the bearing health on that side and replace while you're in there.

Re: Too rich?

looks like the og grease thats been spread around after 40yrs. Its good practice to blow out the grease from new bearings.

Re: Too rich?

Bad rings will put soot in the bottom end

Re: Too rich?

Yep yep. Good cleaning soon as it cools. Still gotta get the bearings off. I was going to leave it stock. But as I did small jobs on it , I figured to put an Olympia kit on it. It's a real easy kit for an old fart like me to work with. 8)

Re: Too rich?


Ready to go..

Re: Too rich?

Back together with the Olympia kit.

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