STOLEN/Chicago: green 1978 Honda Express NC50

Hello all, a couple nights ago my green NC50 (serial no. NC50-2025768) was stolen from the gated patio of my apartment complex in Roscoe Village. It doesn't run at the moment, doesn't have a flywheel cover thing, doesn't have a rear fender, no working lights or key. It can also be identified by the yellow front fork, tear in the brown seat, and Dellorto 15.15 SHA carb. I am a bicycle nerd and have always liked 2 strokes as well, but never been very knowledgeable about moped type things. Got it for cheap but foolishly never got bill of sale or title so am unsure if the police can help with this (they rejected my online property theft report, saying this must be reported in person at a police office as a vehicle theft). Any advice, assistance or knowledge are hugely appreciated. $$ reward upon recovery no questions asked. Thanks everyone.


Re: STOLEN/Chicago: green 1978 Honda Express NC50

Alex Fredericksen /

Post it on the Chicago Weekly Mopied Facebook page too. Let the locals know.

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Thanks Alex I will do

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Take a stroll around the area, may have been dumped when discovered it did not run, are there any video cams nearby that may have captured the theft? Are you allowed to park a motor vehicle on that patio? Mgmt may have had it towed. Check which tow company's do police impounds, show the pic around, it may get picked up off the street. Post flyers with your reward. Best of luck with recovery, tell the cops, but unless you know the vin might be hard to prove it's yours, but e-mail them the pic after you fill out report. Check any homeless encampments near you, it may be there or someone may know who has it or hid it, don't be shy about the reward and a no-cops stance if returned. Hope you get it back, but you will have to work at it.

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Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it. I talked to the landlord he hasn't moved/seen it. Will start following these steps today.

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Hope you get it back

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