Puch VZ50.('74-ish) Never UK registered(DVLA)..age related no ?

Hi Folks,

Doing a deal on nice Puch VZ50(approx '74) in UK...apparently stored in shop until recently..only started up inside....so only have chassis/engine numbers....never had V5 reg.Bike unused. So (age-wise) should be MOT/tax exempt. Really don't want a "Q" plate (or this that for imports only ?) DVLA website doesn't seem to cover this. Any help/ideas greatly appreciated. John in sunny Worthing,Sussex (UK).

Re: Puch VZ50.('74-ish) Never UK registered(DVLA)..age related no ?

I doubt you'll get much help, as the site is probably 80% America based. Surely if it has never been registered, then it can just be registered like a new bike? I think Q plates are for kit cars and non standard builds. Best to ring the DVLA or see if you can live chat/email on their site. There was a group/club in the UK called something like the national moped register or something and they used to be able to issue you with a certificate to verify the moped by frame and engine numbers and this helped for DVLA processes.

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