Kinetic spark plug

Larry Humpolick /


I got the kinetic tfr up and running this moped hasn't ran since 2007.i installed the bbk including the cylinder head and car spring loaded float valve. It starts on the first kick. Considering it hasn't ran in 13 years it wasn't to bad. For now I'm using a gas tank from a old lawn mower and a coil from one of my old scooters. The inside the frame gas tank is loaded with rust .

My question what is the best spark plug to use?

And should I install a bigger carb jet?

Thank you for reading this and any help you can provide on this unit.

Re: Kinetic spark plug

On my Vespas I use B6ES from NGK. Kinetic is a clone of Vespa so I assume the same one will work for you.

Re: Kinetic spark plug

I use NGK B6HS on my '98 Kinetic TFR (edited)

Re: Kinetic spark plug

Dirty30 Dillon /

ES is the wrong plug, it will protrude into the combustion chamber.

HS, in your preferred heat range.

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