A Fine Art

I have decided that tuning a moped like my Puch E 50 is actually A Fine Art. It isn't something that is easy to learn but so satisfying when you finely accomplish it.

I Got mine running right at last, hitting 30MPH at WOT and good power on hills.

Everything stock except the after market Air Filter and a #74 Jet. in the 12 MM Bing.

Thanks to all of you who helped and those who posted great information on Wiki.

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Glad to hear it Bill, but havent you been playing with bikes for a long time? Thought I had read that on your other posts...

It truly is an art. Glad you picked up the brush.

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Overpriced Parts /

Glad to hear it That’s good for you But 30 mph is the stock speed, should be at 35 mph with those changes

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Tuning a 1000 CC Boxer engine Twin Carb BMW is much easier since you have so much power that being slightly out of tune makes very little difference in casual everyday running. With A 2 HP 50 cc engine you have no room for error if you want it to get you over the next hill. It is much more challenging and more rewarding to get it just right.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

What is the tuning secret to get a maxi to go exactly the speed it was designed to go...

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74 is a pretty big jet too for a stock cylinder & a 12mm bing

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You’re right. Keeping a big bike in tune and carbs synchronized is usually a matter of following the shop manual.

For as “simple” as 2 strokes are, there’s a lot going on in there and so many ways to set it up and run it.

I’m sure the same creativity would go into making anything maxed out. But, I can only afford to do it with mopeds and need to stay alive. I feel like it’s the same bug that bites the Bonneville speed freaks.

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Bill: "My bike is up and running properly and I had a thoroughly enjoyable experienxe. Thanks for your help, everyone."


...and people wonder why nobody comes here

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Dillon ,

The tuning I am referring to comes in when it was literally taken from the scrap pile that it sat in for years Needed a Carb. , complete motor rebuild and was out of time ETC. It needed tuned to get it running the way it did 35 years ago. If your definition of tuning is only to make it run faster than it was made to go , thats fine for you but that is not what I had in mind when I started the project.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

I appreciate your dedication to getting it together stock, but getting a bike to stock tune is as easy as following instructions as there are factory manuals you can follow to get there.

In terms of art, restoration is a very technical art in and of itself. But when I think (and most people here) of the "art of tuning," I think of people who are getting the most out of the equipment they are using, which is obviously not in the factory configuration.

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Yes 74 is big for stock but I tried a 70 and 72 then a 74 then with the 74 it was 4 cycling at WOT so I dropped the needle from the bottom slot it was in to the 3rd one up from bottom and it runs fine now. Also since there have been many previous owners it's hard to tell what they have done to it. So that's the problem with going with factory spec. to tune it as it would not run well at all set up like it was with a 64 once I put the good after market air cleaner on it.

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