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I’m looking for a generic thread for new members. Could have swore I read it here before I joined....had info such as common tools to buy, places to buy things, parts that most old peds should have replaced...hell I don’t remember what else, but it seemed like plenty of little things a new guy like me would need to know. I’ve seen the wiki page with some of the how-to articles, but I’m not finding the thread I originally read. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Any chance there’s a dictionary on here for common moped terms? Took me awhile to figure out what a variator was, seen a few other terms or acronyms I’m not sure of...really don’t want to be the guy constantly asking “hey, what’s that mean?”

I’d appreciate any help

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Are you talking about Fred's Guide?'s_Guide

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I don’t think Fred’s guide is what I’m remembering....but I think it probably has all the info (plus much more) than the thread I’m referring to.

My memory is for shit though, just tell me I’m “mis-remembering “ and I’ll go with it.


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Hi Skip ! I’m seeing a lot of new Army recruits here, of which I am one. This is a good thread for those of us who don’t want to wear out our welcome with basic basic questions-

although these people are gracious and welcoming and eternally kind with REALLY good advice. Like get back on a bicycle first for excellent moped practice. I sure will !!!! I’m seeing more women and not young ones either here !! Good for us, dammit. I’m going to quote Dirty30Dillon here because it’s a brilliant and hilarious statement:

“Ride a stupid ass moped to work even though you know it won’t make it.” That’s good stuff, man.

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Because everyone seems to want to go faster :

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