Motron trike restoration.

Almost done. Couple things left I need to address,

Tank needs repainted.

Need my new decals made.

Seat needs refinished.

Need to rob the really nice front hub off one of my other bikes to lace into my restored rim,

Order my stainless hardware


Here’s a little before when I got the bike a few years ago.


Re: Motron trike restoration.

Nice! What color did you use to match the o.g. green? I've always loved that color, but I think yours is even better.

Re: Motron trike restoration.

This photo makes it look much more vibrant and gold than it actually is, I peeled off the decals from the tank and had the color under it matched. The sun faded color is night and day difference, this is the “true” original color! The guys who did it for me did a super great job at nailing it. I still have the color code from the place I had it mixed. It’s mixed with two stage Lesnol paint. I had it mixed by zimmermans auto body in PA. The color code is “ZIM 10939” if you call them I’m sure you can order it

Re: Motron trike restoration.

In that light it looks gold and matches so well with the chrome.

Re: Motron trike restoration.

Looks cool. I am picking up a trike rear end from a tomos and plan on putting it on my motron.

Re: Motron trike restoration.

I wonder if the rear ends are the same? You got any pics of the rear trike kit?

Re: Motron trike restoration.

I'm so jealous of your trikes. My batavus trike frame had to go when I sold my stuff during our last move. Stupid!

Re: Motron trike restoratkion.


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