Perfect fit (almost)

I found this frame a while back and was just thinking about rebuilding the forks and keeping them.

I have a couple E50s I’m working on and it occurred to me to test fit. It looks doable.

I have to make the swingarm and get the gear on to make sure the alignment is right.

I like doing things the hard way. So, I’m not concerned with this being more effort than necessary. Just thought I’d share and see what the moped community has to say.

I have very little space for a pedal shaft and gear, but it should fit under the swingarm mounts and make removing the engine require that the pedals come off first. Not too big of a problem.

What do y’all think?


Re: Perfect fit (almost)

Or, no pedals... push start or get a pull start kit. Looks like fun.

Re: Perfect fit (almost)

It’s gonna be a while before I can start on this. I do want to have a plan and get some parts. The Chinese dirt bike wheels can be had for cheap. I don’t know if I want to turn this back into a dirt machine or give it the right treatment to make a street bike. Moped dual sport type thing maybe.

Re: Perfect fit (almost)

A true motard bike. Or supercross would be cool.

Re: Perfect fit (almost)

Probably Fred /

2 e50s on it

Re: Perfect fit (almost)

One of the E50s is for a 50/50 build.

This one might be for trail riding with my son while he learns his dirt bike. He’s still going really slow. Eventually being able to keep up with him going 25-30 would be nice. Got a little 70cc Airsal and will do a low rpm build on it.

I like the idea of recycled parts. If I could do the whole thing from found/rescued parts, that would be something.

Re: Perfect fit (almost)

Yeah get a tiny front sprocket and a big dirt bike sprocket in the back to keep it slow but a monster up hills and thru mud!

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