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Hi peoples,

This looks like THE place to be if you have questions about mopeds so here I am. After many years of wanting and searching I finally picked up my first moped since childhood. I stumbled across a 1978 Vespa Ciao "SC" on craigslist that had been posted for a week. A one hour drive and talking them down to $250 later, I'm driving home with a sweet moped in the back of my station wagon choking on gas fumes the whole way. I was wondering if anyone on the forums here could help me get started in the right direction as far as finding reliable sites to use to find parts. My moped seems to be missing: engine cover, chain guard, air filter, switches on handle bars for kill/lights/horn etc. I am not sure if this model came with turn signals or not, this one didn't have any. It also looks like it has really old Pirellis on it, but they are holding are fine and have good tread. If it ever stops raining today I may try to post some pictures. The bike starts really easy and rides smooth, so I am excited to finally be out riding again. I'm just looking for a little help getting it fixed up. Any help would be very much appreciated.

P.S. If any branches would be willing to take on a noob to help them learn and stay encouraged, that would be awesome.

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Use the wiki. If your tires are dry rotted (cracked) replace them. Welcome to mopeds

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Moped Lar (OFMC) /

You can also find good used and some new parts using the Buy/Sell forum here.

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You are absolutely in the right place here with the Moped Army. These people are the best, and they know it all because they've done it all. There are some really brilliant people here who will be front and center to help you immediately in any and every way possible. I'm really new here, too, and this is my observation and experience. I found a taillight replacement in the buy / sell section. Congratulations on finding a nice moped. I just got a great deal on two nice whitewall tires, tubes and liners from Treatland,

A party pack of cables and the like. Dana at Treatland can advise you on what will or won't fit or work if you send him a question. He's great. Just like everyone here. These are fun people.

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Treatland, SIPscootershop, Sundaymorningmotors.com good for finding used parts, DOScycles all of these places have excellent service. Post some pictures of that new Ciao of yours.

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Here are some pics. Thank you all for the links you have given me so far. I can't wait to get this thing fixed up.


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