Re: Look what followed me home today!

> Satan 666 Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Got them from a good friend. He is slowly reducing his moped inventory

> and we made a trade so we both got what we wanted and both felt

> comfortable.

Sounds like a right deal . ;)

Re: Look what followed me home today!

Yeah he has alot of stuff and i am interested in kinda strange bikes that mabye take a little time to find parts for or mabye i need to make my own. I am a pretty competent welder and can make most brackets or even a pipe if i get dimensions for it. The trike is gonna be a very cool project and will be a very useful tool to the local mall for groceries and hardware at the home depot. I like the fact that I can use this as a utility vehicle and have fun at the same time. I live within a mile to grocery and hardware and all 25mph speed limit so this will be epic.

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