Motobecane Cady 1977 oil in the UK

Hello guys this is my first post. just looking for some advice, I was told if I wanted to use the best possible oil for my “new” 1977 Motobecane Cady that Royal Purple 2 stroke oil is the best I could buy in the UK.

Any advice on ratios or better oils that have worked well for other people? I’m not proficient at taking apart and working on engines so if buying the best oil would keep the engine in good stead even though it might be expensive I’m willing to pay a little extra, so please let me know!

Re: Motobecane Cady 1977 oil in the UK

any 2 stroke oil you can buy today is better than what was avail when that bike was new, I use Castrol, heard good things about Royal Purple as well. Stock mix ratio for that bike is 32:1. Mix in a seperate can.

Re: Motobecane Cady 1977 oil in the UK

Ano Magaisa /

Ahh sure thank you I’ve heard horror stories of high quality oils cleaning the guts of engines so much that the engine didn’t work anymore because the grime was sealing in gaps between washers and the like but I don’t know if that could really be true

Re: Motobecane Cady 1977 oil in the UK

Not likely, there are some instances in 4 stroke vintage bikes of the more modern synthetic oils not working well in the wet clutch, nothing you need to worry about in a 2 stroke engine, especially in stock configuration. Enjoy your bike! :)

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