1980 Honda Express Show-off and Intro

Hey there - I bought this 1980 Honda Express II NA50 a couple of winters ago and put it to the side. Recently I sold off a bunch of projects (motorcycles, minibike, gocarts, etc.) and this is all I kept. I'm a Honda motorcycle fanboy and over the years I've had an 8o's Aero and Spree for like a minute. I regret not buying a friend's MB5 when I had the chance.

It's missing things, other things need replacing and some things need massaging. I don't know if the motor winds or even turns but I'm making a great life choice in getting this thing riding again. Right? No? Maybe? I'm tired of not getting around to finishing projects and I like it.

Any tips on getting parts sourced reasonably? Do this ladies throw themselves of front of the moped or run from behind while you're riding? I want to be a responsible driver. Thanks! (edited)

20200901_190544 (2).jpg
20200901_190555 (2).jpg

Re: 1980 Honda Express Show-off and Intro

Treatland.tv should have most of what you need. Nice bike!

Re: 1980 Honda Express Show-off and Intro

Treats and Ebay. I had to use Ebay and Craigslist for most of the parts for mine.

Re: 1980 Honda Express Show-off and Intro

That thing is thrashed, but it's a Honda so it's worth saving, biggest issue will be dealing with the seat, there is a buy/sell forum on here, post for parts. Good luck with the missing air-box.

Re: 1980 Honda Express Show-off and Intro

Pushrod Fifty /

For that shape seat you can do a decent job by wrapping and folding it with thin vinyl and attaching with the spikes around the base. If you make a double fold at the corner of the flat and angled part, yoy can use Permatex ultra black to hold the folds in flat.

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