Bay area machine shops?

Mitchell Hoover /

Looking for a reputable machine shop that can cut my head to my piston dome shape. Also looking to have the hole for the wrist pin in the connecting rod bored out a few mm aswell. Located in San Jose, but im open for really anything.

Thank you for your time, Mitch.

Re: Bay area machine shops?

todd amundson /

Mitch you need to go to Fresno or seriously just drive around your industrial areas and walk in. No way you’ll find a good shop in the directory. Boring a rod end with a reamer from amazon can be done in your basement in the dark while still mounted to the crank webs. Your squish bands another story. Stay away from weird J-Bot shit like tennis ball squish bands and find a REAL lathe guy. What really helps is if you can find a arbor for your spark plug hole. Machinist love being able to cut their set up times in half.

Re: Bay area machine shops?

not sure what they offeras far as head work goes, but team calamari in salinas has done good cylinder work for me with fast turnaround

Re: Bay area machine shops?

Overpriced Parts /

I disagree with Todd, driving around in industrial area to find a machine shop, finding an arbor that fits your plug hole, paying big bucks to cut a head is just nuts,

Moped‘s are do-it-yourself, it’s not hard to shape a aluminum head with different bits, sand paper rolls and buff wheels with a dremel yourself


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before final pass/polish and the nick was in the head already 
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Re: Bay area machine shops?

Pablo Puchasso /

Best way to find quality machine shop work: drive around aimlessly using your engine to guide you like a divining rod. Yep. Another quality bit of advice. Solved it.

Re: Bay area machine shops?

most of the good shops here in san jose are long gone. try calling a bike shop and ask them who they use, don't call a repair shop as they will tell you to bring it in to them.

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