Rusted tank

Who has the best solution to clean a rusted tank? Any kits or chemicals that work best?

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If it's just rust, fill it with evaporust and let it sit overnight, or longer, depending on how bad the rust is.

If it's dried, crusty gas "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner is supposed to work. Dilute 1:1 with water. Neutralize with baking soda/water mix.

I'm about to try that out today on a crusty tank.

White vinegar works if you have a week or so to let it sit around.

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In my experience Evaporust doesn't even hurt paint. Let a Batavus tank soak in a bucket full of Evaporust for 2 days and it was fine

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Pushrod Fifty /

Seems like vinegar takes a week and thats with alot of shaking and massaging. Its good as a final cleaning for a mildly rusted tank. I have to try evaporust next time.

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Evaporust won't hurt paint, rubber, plastic, decals (but it might loosen the glue. )

I've used it on steel, brass, chrome, aluminum (turns it grey, but gets the white crust off,) and painted parts.

It's really safe. You could probably drink it.

(Warning: don't drink it.)

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> baird co Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> It's really safe. You could probably drink it.


> (Warning: don't drink it.)

I said this verbatim to my friend yesterday.

Re: Rusted tank

Let me know how it works!

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As said above, all depends on how bad is the rust. Horrible? Muriatic acid, but be damned careful. Fairly bad? Oxalic acid. Surface rust? Evaporust. Bad tanks have taken multiple attempts for me, trying different stuff until it looks good—got to get that thing coated with something inside once it’s clean. Hate rinsing after Evaporust using water—got to use alcohol rinse to get rid of the water, fill ASAP with premix

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Mark Younggren /


so..... evaporust, rinse with water then follow with alcohol and air compressor dry, then fill with premix quickly or a thin coating of oil to give a protective barrier.

Those steps?

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Yeah that should do it

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roots to wings /

ive used household vinegar with baking soda and salt to good result but took weeks. i've also used 30% vinegar that you can get at Lowe's that works really good. most say evaporust is the way to go. I used my leafblower to blow all the water out of the tank after rinsing to good result.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

Lol, if you mix vinegar and baking soda it neutralizes the acidity. That's why it took weeks.

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Yessir, that process you described with the alcohol after Evaporust/rinse, then blow dry, and premix (edited)

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Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Evaporust won't "hurt" paint if you spill it, but anytime I've had a rusty part that had paint on it and I soaked it, or I cleaned a gas tank that had paint overspray in the filler neck, evaporust always peeled the paint off after sitting for a day.

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Vinegar and baking soda makes a big foamy mess. We used to pour a little vinegar in a plastic kodak film canister, add baking soda, cap it and shake it up and it'd blow the cap off.

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