Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

Pretty sure it was a maxi in Spider-Man 2.

I mean, can anyone find a scene where even a little of this bike could be seen??

Also found a tweet of one that looks much more legit.

Anyone got news on whee this is?



Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

The first one doesn’t look legit not sure what’s up with the tank. Probably a prop.

Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

Everything about it looks weird. The crank arms for the pedals look like some kind of bmx cranks. It all looks faked. Movie magic.

Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

Even the side bars are painted on and there is a support bar near the shocks

Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

Top one has a rigid bicycle chopper triple tree front end, bmx type stem and bars. Painted to look like shocks.

Also looks like a sturmey archer bicycle drum brake up front. They have triangle cut-outs on the side of one hub flange. Wheels are probably bicycle 20", judging from the way the fender is too large.

Rear end has a bicycle rear triangle. Look close and you see the seat stay top tube in front of the shock, and the chain stay tube right behind the cranks, that's mostly covered up towards the rear.

Bmx cranks with a bicycle bottom bracket.

Looks like they hacked a Puch down the middle and covered a bike with it.

Motor looks like a piece of styrofoam or something.

Hell of a lot of work when they coulda just found an old non running Puch for a prop.

Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

Terbo Speghetti /

I had no idea that a moped was anywhere in that movie (which one tho? Sony is beating their only comic book property to death)

Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

its tough to shoot around engine noise. could be electric or just pedal powered considering only dorks like us would notice or care that his moped isn't real

once we towed a Kennelworth cab that sat on a flatbed in order to work around engine noise just to get any useable audio

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It is in spiderman 3. I feel like he does some crazy flip on it to avoid a crash with a pedestrian. He appears to ride it a few times in the movie.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

It clearly says it's a prop. My guess is a padded, modified bicycle for use in the crash scenes. Definitely not a functional moped.in any sense.

Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

The Spider Man movie prop Puch first surfaced around 10 years ago. I guess it’s being resold.

Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

They definitely had several bikes with different drivetrains

There's at least one "hero" bike for close-ups, promo shit, etc that was/is probably a true Newport. The others were for for driving and establishing shots that stand-ins and stunt doubles may have ridden.

That's why you see different variations all claiming to be "authentic' which they are, but they aren't. Know woodeye mean?

There was a warehouse that rented moviecars that I've used before up in the valley and i saw the same thing with Fast & Furious and Austin Powers vehicles.

I'll see if i even have pics anymore but i remember they had a line of Corbin Sparrows from Goldmember parked inside like a row of golden dicks with wheels;


Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

Pablo Puchasso /

Jokes on them mopeds are already props.

Re: Spider-Man’s Real (?)Newport(?)

Best spiderman remake ever

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